Rogue Chocolate Stout

The Blurb Says: ‘Ebony in colour with a rich creamy head. The mellow flavour of oats, chocolate malts and real chocolate are balanced perfectly with the right amount of hops for a bittersweet finish.’

I had originally planned to use this as the base for a vanilla ice cream/stout floater but the other half is on a diet and as a result of being too crippled/lazy to cook my own food so am I!

This stout pours beautiful almost black with a fluffy tan cloud for a head, this combination always gets me excited because it is the quintessential uniform for stouts everywhere. The aromas remind me of a handmade chocolate and coffee shop near me (Margaret River Chocolate Factory) where the smells of milk and bittersweet dark chocolate fight with freshly made coffee to make this heavenly nose candy that makes me salivate. The body is watery with a lively carbonation, the taste is a nice balance between the sweetness of the chocolate malts and the bitterness of the hops resulting in one tasty beverage!

Score: 3.5/5 After having the Rogue Double Chocolate Stout last year the normal was exactly how I had imagined it was going to be, not as full on but very tasty none the less. After having this I cannot wait for winter to rock around here in the land down under, my wife makes the best stout, beef and mushroom pie!

The Crippled Brewer

Beer Night Tasting Notes

A kiwi friend of mine came down for the night and we both bought a variety of different beers to try, it was such a great night that I forgot to take pics as I went. The result of this (apart from a good night) is going to be my first bulk mini review, I am going to go from left to right and I hope you all enjoy.

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

Pours a hazy light golden colour with a white fluffy head. Nice aroma of tropical fruits and a bit of malt. Light bodied with lively carbonation, some floral notes and minimal hops. 

Score 3.5/5 A nice sessionable beer for the Australian summer but not massively memorable.

Feral Golden Ace

Pours a clear gold with a frothy white head. Aromas of stone fruit and citrus. Flavour was dissapointingly simple and boring with a tinge of lemon and a light body.

Score 2/5 I am usually a fan of Feral but I think that they are trying to make this beer too acceptable to the masses and as a result  have produced something that betrays their standards.

Hook Norton Twelve Days

Poured a nice dark brown with a dense off white head. Aroma was sweet,spicy with light wood and nuts. The palate was soft and it seemed to embrace the tongue. The flavour is quite sweet with notes of caramel and fruitcake with a dry bitter roasted malt finish.

Score 4/5 This is the first Christmas beer I have had that is light bodied enough to work in Australian summer conditions yet still have a respectable amount of flavour. The surprise of the night

Bridge Road Beechworth Pale Ale

Pours a cloudy amber with a rich head that leaves a discreet lacing down the glass. The aroma is a nice hop forward profile of tropical fruits, pine needles and citrus. The palate is soft with a firm malt base, the taste is like a fruit salad on a summer day with lots of undefined fruity flavours swirling on the tongue leading to a medium bitter finish.

Score 4/5 This is an interesting and tasty beer that i will be buying in the future and on a side note the labels on the back have a graph to show both the malt and hop profiles from one to ten. I think this is a great way to educate people who are new to craft beer!

McCashin Family Original Stoke Bomber Kiwi Pale Ale

Light orange in the glass with a small white head leaving some lacing. Stone fruits and bread dough on the nose. Creamy mouthfeel with a caramal biscuit backbone, zesty hops, earthy flavours leading to a lingering medium bitter finish.

Score 3/5 A solid offering from the Eastern Isles of Tasmania but nothing too special.

Ballast Point Big Eye IPA

Clear medium orange with a sexy off white head that lasts and leaves excellent lacing. The aroma is very fresh and inviting with grapefruit and peach hops punching your nose to make sure that you know this is going to be hoppy. The palate is medium to full and the taste is lots of hops with not quite enough malt to balance leading to a high bitterness with a long duration.

Score 2/5 The lack of malt/hop flavour balance isn’t too bad but be warned, if you aren’t a massive fan of hops I would probably steer clear of this one!

Summary: The beer of the night was definitely the Bridge Road Beechworth Pale Ale and a honorable mention to the Hook Norton Twelve days.

A big thanks to Hilts for supplying beers and good company for the night (even if he is a dirty Kiwi!)

The Crippled Brewer

Edited 3/1/13: After trying another bottle of Ballast Point Big Eye IPA I agreed with Springerbrewer and downgraded my rating. This time I was completely sober when tasting and the balance really needs attention!


Some followers might have noticed I have been a bit slack over the last few weeks, I have been quite sick and ended up in hospital for a week but I am back at home now and recovering.

One piece of good news is that I have passed 100 followers!! Hello to all of you and my regular ramblings about craft beer shall recommence shortly!

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Nøgne ø Sunturnbrew

The blurb says: This monstrous beer with layers and layers of flavor: smoke, vanilla, licorice and sweet malts is what you need to cope with the dark and cold season. Best enjoyed in front of the fireplace while a winter storm is trying to knock down your house.

I was browsing the bottle shop looking for beers to taste with a mate who was coming round and I found this little pearl tucked away in a corner of a fridge. I saved it for after dinner and we cracked it open to give it a go, it pours a dark brown with minimal head and a thin ring of lace. The aroma took me back to a memory that I had not relived in a long time, when I was younger (before I broke my neck) I was an avid hiker and I completed the Bibbulman Track end to end in one hit (961.4km in 9 weeks). The aroma and taste is a mixture of dark fruit, smoke and medicinal, it reminded me of one morning on the track it was dawn at the campsite, the birds where singing, I had a small campfire going to brew my coffee and whilst that was happening I was dressing some blisters on my feet and chewing on some dried fruit for my breakfast, those three smells were mirrored beautifully by this barleywine.

Score: 4/5

This is a really nice example of using smoked malts to create a very interesting beer!

The Crippled Brewer

I have finally gotten around to going through the photos from the Christmas holidays and I found this one of Santa’s Christmas Treats! Being Summer at Christmas time here in Australia we figured that Santa would be more appreciative of a cold homebrew (Honey Wheat and Cumquat) and chili nuts then he would be of milk and cookies!

The Crippled Brewer

Eagle Bay Kolsch

The blurb says: ‘Our Kolsch has been designed as a thirst quencher. It has a bright golden straw hue and subtle fruity flavours.’

Well summer has well and truly arrived down here and the south west of Western Australia and when this weather hits I get the urge to grab some local ales and go down to the beach.

This beer pours nice and light golden with a subtle head. The aroma is subtle mix of fruits and the taste follows along the same lines with a pleasant grassy hops flavour. The carbonation mixed in with the pleasing citrus bitter aftertaste leads to a refreshing and thirst quenching drink.

Verdict: I am giving this beer a 3.5/5, I really enjoyed this beer down at the beach, it complimented the surf, sand and sun brilliantly. It is a beer for those situations where you want something tasty yet doesn’t distract you too much from your surroundings.

The Crippled Brewer

Discovery, American Style Pale Ale, Renaissance Brewing Company, New Zealand

The blurb says: Here at Renaissance we have given this style a truly New Zealand flavour by using Cascade and Willamette hops that are grown over the hill in Nelson. This beer displays honeyed characters and the subtle hop flavours lead to a slightly sweet finish on the palate.

After having a lot of American and Australian beers I decided it was time for a change and to top it off my wife is from New Zealand so she was excited by the prospect of some beers from home.

It pours as a colour between copper and amber with thin off white head that dissipates quite fast. The aroma is quite muted with caramel malts and an earthy aroma mixed with hops, not unpleasant. The taste is the same as the aroma and the earthy taste was different to what I am used too but once again not unpleasant. The body was a bit watery with minimal aftertaste.

Score: 2/5 I suspect that this beer was not a great representation of their work and may have been stale. I will have to try it fresh when I go to NZ next Christmas.

The Crippled Brewer

@nobeerreviews said: Krieeekkkkk *drool* but sweet?! Something went awfully wrong there.

abeerpilgrim said: Yeah, I definitely remember this being one of the more “fake” krieks out there. Must be thinned out with young fresh beer, as well as back-sweetened.

I agree with both of you, it probably wasn’t the best choice I have made and definitely not a good choice for my first kriek. It tasted like Belle-Vue (owned by AB InBev as I now know) was trying to turn a beer that usually only appeals to a small market into a mass market seller. It’s disappointing when this happens but hardly surprising.

The Crippled Brewer

Mountain Goat IPA, Victoria, Australia

The blurb says: Ale, wheat and crystal malts upfront and Citra and Galaxy hops bring it all home. 65BU. 6.2%ABV. A tough nut, but loveable all the same.

I love being able to explore my country through good beer and this one is a beaut! A nice deep amber with a light creamy head that clings to the glass in a delicate lace. The aroma is citrus, grapefruit and some pine. Taste is aged hops with a solid malt backbone, citrus, medium body and a nice pine resin after taste.

Summary: I give this beer a 3.5/5 its a solid offering and a beer that I will be buying more often

The Crippled Brewer