The Blurb Says:’ Perched on top of his own creation, made up of Amarillo, Mosaic and Cascade Hops, this Cheeky Monkey flings his own golden nectar right at you. Bursting with tropical fruits, melon and grapefruit, a resinous middle palate and supported by a malty backbone, this West Coast IPA is full flavoured and session-able.’

With the AFL Grand Final fast coming up I needed something to help me commiserate the fact my beloved Dockers weren’t in it again. I headed on down to my local bottle shop to be greeted by one of my beer guy’s spotting me and quickly sprinting over to the fridge and grabbing out a four pack of Hop Flinger shouting ‘I don’t care what you were planning on buying, you need to try this!’   Needless to say, once you get a good beer guy you always trust their judgement and once again they showed my trust is well placed. (Shout out to the boys at Capel Cellarbrations!)

Cracking the seal on one of the big 500mL cans the first thing you notice is a big waft of tropical fruits with passionfruit and pineapple dominant and a bit of stonefruit in the background. This aroma only intensifies as you pour the beer and catch site of the lovely auburn coloured liquid inside that develops a nice stable centimetre of off white head. On the tongue it starts off quite wine like when cold but as it warms all the flavour that was promised by the aroma comes to the fore and it becomes quite a fruity, tangy and sweet drop. The bitterness is quite sharp but well balanced by the biscuity, malty backdrop with a surprisingly dry finish that makes you salivate. Well rounded palate with a medium body.

Score: 4/5 I really enjoyed this beer and managed to polish off the four pack in short order whilst watching a cracking game of footy. If the suspicious yellow/brown stuff the monkey on the label is throwing tastes or smells anything like this beer then I sure as hell would not be dodging!

The Crippled Brewer