10 facts about me

ejhutch75 tagged me even though I still never replied to her nice message a few days ago, because I’m useless, but thanks and I hope you’re ok too!  

I tag: thecraicdealer, canibeyoursquishy, alwayssofashionablylate (I’m sorry about your ask too, I promise I’m trying!), everybirdfellsilent, stampedingstars, toastbabeis, allhailthehutch, pegicorn, plantlovegrow, and lovelylifeoflily

OK, so my 10 facts: 

1. I am face blind

2. My ears are different sizes

3. If something isn’t black, grey, or underwear I’m probably not going to wear it

4. I will graduate in June (well technically August, but classes and exams end in June)

5. I used to write fanfiction a lot and I hope I can start again after exams

6.  I really want to become a curator, but I’m worried that I’m doing too badly at university right now for an employer to ever take me seriously

7. I’m probably going to skip a class tomorrow

8.  It’s my birthday on Tuesday.  I’m going to be 22 and be happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.   It will probably be miserable and magical.  But I’m going to forget about the deadlines and dress up like a hipster and make fun of my ex.  (loljk, I’ll probably be on tumblr) 

9.  I speak fluent Russian 

10. I love Taylor Swift