thecowsnextdoor  asked:

Lets learn about Joe! What did you major in? What job do you have now (or aspire to have in the future)? What made you know you had to be a scientist? ; What was the turning point? If you could discover ANYTHING at all, what would it be and why?

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BONUS QUESTION. You didn’t think I’d leave you with 5, did you?

Ok, Joe majored in biochemistry and forgot most of it (because there’s too much math) in order to become a cell and molecular biologist. He is going to be done with his Ph.D. in a few months, like maybe January or February, and then you will have to refer to him as Dr. Joe. Grad school’s not really a job, in the real sense, because he can wear shorts and no real job allows shorts. He has also worked for a biotech company and at a cancer research center, doing his science thing, but they paid too much and he wanted a seven-year pay cut in exchange for a graduate degree..

He knew he wanted to be a scientist because his very first biology class convinced him that the stuff of life was too beautiful and complicated to ever work and he has enjoyed proving himself wrong with every new piece of knowledge he adds to his biology brain. This also applies to the other things he learns. Also also, he wasn’t good enough to play pro soccer and “professional Lego builder” is a tough job to get.

His turning point was good teachers, like everyone else’s turning point. That’s why he devotes so much time to being a good teacher himself, so maybe he can help turn some points for someone in need of a good point turning.

If he could discover anything at all, it would be a diamond mine below his house. If he could discover a second thing it would be the answer to “Why here, why us, and where else?”

He hopes to become a professional Bill Nye and/or Neil deGrasse Tyson when he grows up.