queenfeminist-deactivated201410  asked:

Why cant white people wear dreds? Just because black people wore them first? Black people use chemicals and weaves to acheive a european look so why cant they wear dreds and cornrows. If they are doing it in a respectful way and really do appreciate the culture, why is there a problem?

You do realize that white people basically forced their european look onto black people by calling us animals/ugly with uncontrollable, unprofessional hair and wouldn’t give any black people a job that didn’t adhere to the white standard, right?

You do realize a lot of that applies still today right?

And that no dominant group ever said that white people’s hair wasn’t desirable and that they should do whatever they could to change it, right?

And that a black person wearing straight or wavy hair doesn’t automatically equal trying to be white, right?

Because not every fucking person in the world with naturally straight/wavy hair is white, okay?

There are brown people and some black people all over the world who have naturally straight and wavy hair, okay?

Straight/wavy hair doesn’t automatically equal white.

As thecourageouschubbs pointed out, the whole anchor thing with “I refuse to sink” doesn’t really make sense. Floaties on the other hand, make much more sense.

So I did a thing. A crappy thing, but you know, a thing. Even if floaties don’t quite make for the same impact on a tattoo. ;-)