So as the last pic I chose this one, wish you could see my stretch marks all around my thighs better. Yes sir, ma'am this kitty is not perfect at all. But fuck it, I have to live in this body so I’m not going to hate it because that doesn’t end well. I’ve been there before “ Daisy you’re too skinny, too pale, too flat chested, too short, your arms are like toothpicks, you look anorexic, "being that pale and anorexic, you just look dead,gross” I used to be SUPER thin and didn’t eat and then I grew hips and an ass and thought well hey I guess the body bullying stops now, nope eeew those stretch marks look gross, but if your skinny why do you have strechmarks? Now all you need is boobs and a tan! I think your butts too big, eew cellulite" and then I thought fuck you all, I love my pale skin (even though its so sensitive, it’s A pain in the ass) I love my hips and butt and hope they get better, yeah I have stretch marks because I grew up and no I don’t have them because I’m lazy and didn’t put enough coco butter on, yeah I’m flat chested, oh well I guess you can’t get the best of both worlds and yes I will get my boobs done when I can because I want to not because it’s what you want. Body shaming will never stop. So atleast try not to body shame yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and play with your boobs and butts any size and trace your curves, love those long thin legs and soft squishy tummys they’re lovely!

This has been driving me crazy forever, I hate how now when you go under #waist training (specially on Instagram) and all you really find are pictures of these rubbery-gym-like-FAJAS and of course are also under #corsets those rubber things that make you sweaty are NOT corsets and they will not ever get you anywhere close to where a corset can. A genuine corset should have quality steel, boning, lacing, get you down inches and not bra like clips on the front. I’m just trying to make sure girls stop getting ripped off and just trying to show the huge difference.

A while ago I got really sick and couldn’t eat. I lost A LOT of weight and hated how I looked ( that’s why I rarely posted full body pics) I struggled with eating any tiny amount of food, I stopped waist training and felt like I looked digusting. Well the thing is I got some help and got a lot better in fact my waist has went up to 21 ½ uncorsetted which is the biggest ive ever been. This bummed me out. I know its not big for most people but for someone who can lace down to 14" it is. But i’m getting my big butt and hips back, I might size down later so fuck it, im pretty happy. I do admit i need to excercise and eat healthier though. JUST A RANT! Love you lovelies ❤️ (I was lacing up and took a pic before closing it)