I wanted to do an introductory post because I actually have a couple of followers.

You can call me Alana or you can call me Dickens. This blog is mostly Bering & Wells doodles and fic, but I have doodled other things in the past (mainly Hanson and The X-Files, also my own Co-Parenting family) and will probably doodle other things in the future.

I draw all my doodles by hand via iPad and stylus. I use a Pencil stylus and an app called Paper, both created by a lovely ass company called fiftythreenyc.

Other things I like include:
Junk food
My job
But not cats, because I’m Black
Babies dressed like hipsters
Older women
Straight women (apparently)
My bed
My kid (he’s all right)
Angst (to write)
Fluff (to read)

Any questions? Drop ‘em in the ask box.

Stylus. For writing on your tablet.

iPad. Loaded with movies, games, and, of course, Paper. Ju’s into Monster’s Inc. and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends right now. We pre-load because we fly on the cheap and rarely have Wi-Fi inflight.

Crayons & notebook. Mid-flight color session. Preferably triangle crayons, so they don’t roll around everywhere.

Pen. For the serious toddler’s permanent artwork or diary notes.

Cares. Kids in-flight safety harness. The best new addition to our carry-on. Straps onto the seat to make a four-point harness.

Snacks. Make it healthy if you’re all about that #organiclife. (We ain’t.)

Water. Stay hydrated and wash down those snacks. You can get water free in-flight but you can’t comfortably man-handle a toddler and hold a cup of water at the same time. Get a bottle!

When Ju was little, I also took toys, but I don’t have the patience for that now. Also, consider bringing books, and having a diaper and small wipey case within reach. I keep Ju in stretchy/sweat pants for ease of diaper changes and before taking him to the bathroom, I take off his shoes and sweats because ain’t nobody got time for that in a single square foot toilet facility.

You don’t know diapering until you’ve changed a post-viral diaper in an airplane bathroom.

Other than that, you live and learn. I personally have a fear of flying but I do it because I want Ju to enjoy traveling and see more than what “driving distance” has to offer us. I still get a little too paranoid before take-off, but I’m not clawing on the door for escape anymore, so that’s an improvement.

Keeping him happy on a plane is a great distraction for me. We’ll see how long it lasts.

I am in no way anti-Santa but, conveniently, neither JC nor I grew up believing in Santa Claus. JC celebrated other cultural holidays and my parents always signed my gifts Mommy Claus and Daddy Claus.

People ask us occasionally if we will take Ju to see Santa and the answer is probably not because we just aren’t interested in telling that story every year.

And considering how well he has taken to birthdays, I am sure he’d just be ecstatic with this idea..