I am so sick of Sherlock fandom, swear to God

we get it, you have to wait a while for the next series. Maybe we don’t quite “feel your pain” on that matter. But I’m guessing you’re never going to have to worry about your show being cancelled at any moment because it doesn’t bring in enough viewers to keep the studio happy. I’ll also take a wild guess that you’re never going to have to worry about the show changing irrevocably because the original show runner was fired.

but hey, you guys have to wait a long time. It’s too bad that you’re a relatively small fandom, so you don’t have thousands of fan works to peruse during the hiatus, and you guys must find it really hard to find a fellow fan-

oh wait

and it must be hard for you, seeing “everyone” complain about this, since Community is a pretty massive fandom and the show is hugely popular in mainstream media. I mean, I don’t know of a person on my dash who isn’t obsessed with Community-

oh wait

tl;dr: can the Sherlock fandom please stop claiming that their the only fandom to wait for anything ever