This is a touchy subject, a lot of people believe they are ‘swag’. PAUSE. Firstly I hate that word with a mild passion, so I will proceed by replacing the ’S Word’ with 'Demeanor’.

When I go out on a casual night with my guys and dolls I know we look good. We don’t NEED Gucci, Louis or Prada to make us look good. Don’t get me wrong I own these names but don’t rely on them to draw attention to the way I look.

Certain individuals feel the need to dress from head to toe in a designer which they have spent hundreds/thousands on and honestly look like a walking ad to say the least. 

  1.  Wearing a designer doesn’t mean you look good.

I’m fed up with people bathing in Gucci and thinking, 'Yeah, my swag is on point,’ when in reality you look like a clown. I know it and deep down YOU know it. Someone needs to tell them.

-The Confident Recluse.

Most of us out there are shallow but refuse to admit it. I have been called shallow on a few different occasions in regards to females. Whether it being stemmed from me not interested for their physical appearance or being too interested in my own appearance. Now what they call shallow I call preference and maintenance.

If I want to be with a beautiful woman, or a woman that I see in my eyes as beautiful, then is that not my own preference? Or is it shallow to not take a second look at someone who doesn’t physically tick my boxes.

On meeting my previous partners I have first been attracted to them physically then got to know them, is it shallow that I went for someone who I was attracted to? It’s been argued with me many-a-times that I only go for what the media portray as beautiful (which is lie but that’s for another time) but then I put it to them (women mainly) like this, why is it that all the guys you go for are 6’’ or taller, or why are the always light/dark skinned, because it is preference. 

So if shallow means that you only go for the traits that interest you and tickle your fancy then I, and surely most of the you are shallow people.

-The Confident Recluse

Speaks for itself really. Personally I’m not really the victim in these situations. I’ve bumped into different ex’s and received nothing but compliments (I wasn’t the best looking kid on the block growing up but i had potential) on how I have grown and look [insert compliment of their choice here]. I guess I fulfilled my potential and left them where they were, however there is always that one that catches you of guard and you see yourself on the over side. Biting your tongue when you see them and thinking, well, look what we have here. Sometimes you even give them that text or call to see if, just maybe you worked hard enough you could get with them one more last time, for as they say ‘old time sake’. Say you are successful and begin to talk for let’s say three, four days. Then you remember why you actually locked it off in the first place. Whether is was their anger issues, their over protective attitude or just their unstable mentality, you get to the point where you remember why it didn’t last. I suggest every time you finish with someone just write a little paragraph on why it didn’t work. This way you can compliment them and go knowing that someone else is going to get set up with their issues. Smile and go. 

-The Confident Recluse