Meetup with thecondochef

Remember when I posted that I won a contest last July 1? Well, here’s the meeting with the one and only thecondochef. (This is a long overdue post. Hehe.)

Hey guys! Meet Idda aka thecondochef

As you can see in the picture above, we just met outside of our condo. We just met briefly and she’s really awesome to personally deliver the cookies that she promised for the winner of her contest. She wasn’t kidding when she said the winner will get a big batch of freshly baked cookies. I was surprised that she gave me so many cookies. Cookies overload! :D

She let me chose what cookies I wanted from the cookies that she baked before and I chose the one that looks really yummy, the chocolate sandwich cookies with nutella cream filling. It was really nice of her to bake a batch of the sandwich cookies with the filling and a separate batch of just the chocolate cookies. They were really yummy! My sister, my friends and I really enjoyed it! :) Check out the cookies below.

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Nutella cream filling

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

If you haven’t checked out thecondochef’s blog, go and take a look and I’m sure you’re gonna want to follow her.

July 07, 2011

To celebrate my blog’s 1st year anniversary on Wed, June 29…

Tell me how hungry it makes you! Best answer wins a big batch of freshly baked cookies of your choice, which I’ll personally deliver to your doorstep (if you live within Manila ;). You can pm me your answers via the What’s Up? button on the right, or by dropping an email at Contest starts NOW and ends at exactly 11:59pm on June 29, 2011 Philippine time. DO IT, and thank you all for following me!!! :)


July 10. A prize claimed

So I held a small contest for family and friends, in which an officemate won. Mechanics were pretty simple; it was mostly to celebrate my yearlong stint with Appetite magazine and my 4-year old blog. As prize, I cooked a special dinner for her and two friends, plus two more of our office mates (since our boss was in town). Here are some pics they uploaded on their IGs (I was too busy cooking and plating haha). It was a super fun night! Deepest thanks again to all my supporters and followers. Here’s to more awesome years ahead! :)


Idda aka thecondochef