Happy 6th Anniversary to paz-the-dove, the mascot of dovebook!  Contact us if you would like included in this issue your messages and/or pictures for Paz.

Don’t have content to submit about any of the holidays/events this quarter? We accept anything related to doves and/or pigeons. Contact us anyway!

Thank you for your submissions in this upcoming issue of our e-newsletter “The Columbidae’s Cooer”. Just a kind reminder to everyone who would like to submit, that since the e-newsletter now has its own Tumblr, so too the page to submit content for it has changed. It is no longer with us at

The page to submit is now at

Since this is now the case, you will note that The Columbidaes Cooer Tag has been removed from our own submit page. You are still welcome to submit dove or pigeon content to us, but if you intend that content to be published in our e-newsletter then submit it to our e-newsletter’s Tumblr. That way we know that this is what you intend and we will know to publish your material in the next issue when the e-newsletter Tumblr receives that material.

Please make sure to tell anyone who would like to submit any material/content about this new change, and thank you for your contributions to our publication! They are always welcomed and appreciated.

Contact us for any questions, comments or the like (for non-e-newsletter related matters) at

(for e-newsletter related matters) at