(170424) @taeyeon_ss: collaborating with a cool artist is always thrilling and fun. 👏🏻 following “breathe” it’s been a long time since we sang together. #shinee #jonghyun’s luxurious second album, #thecollection, is coming out. we sang the title song #lonely together. 🖤 such a good song, complimenting jonghyun’s sensibility. i’m also drawn to the song that’s album only …, it’s being unveiled tomorrow at 6pm. 🎧 let’s listen to it together at that time. (source: sonexstella)

(170502) @taeyeon_ss: i received an incredible album as a gift. two of them, even. 👍🏻 #lonely #jonghyun #thecollection (source: sonexstella) [note: the album is addressed to taeyeon as: “to: god taeyeon ❤️”. jonghyun wrote “느님” behind her name which comes from “하느님” and is often a way that people like yoo jae suk are referred to.]


I made another video!

Prominent cards pulled today: The Lovers, two of cups, knight of swords

It seems like the message for today is to majorly reevaluate who we’re keeping in our lives. Looks like some big stuff is shifting for relationships. I’m sorry if this particular reading is jumbled or too specific. I’m getting acquainted with my format, with youtube, and with all of you as well. Readings will become more clear and structured as we go!

Sorry for the awkward angles in the latter half of the video! I’m temporarily going to not be editing videos at all. I’m trying to keep the channel fun and carefree for a bit, until I get used to doing readings via video. Thank you so much for your patience and kindnesses! 

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I'm craving a good Destiel fic of you don't mind by Dear Collectress (thecollective).

Destiel AU, modern setting, Mature. An AU in which a recovered alcoholic Dean owns a diner, Sam is in law school and is clueless about the way Jess looks at him, and Cas? Well, Cas turns Dean’s world upside down and maybe, just maybe, gives him a reason to have a little faith. The love of a lifetime told in a heartbeat. by LimonadeGaby and riseofthefallenone.

Destiel AU, alternate-canon verse, Explicit. Sometimes Dean wishes that Angels were like how they’re described in the Bible. How people from time too old for him to care much about thought Angels were messengers and warriors of God, protectors of Humans. He knows that how they’re really described in the Bible is actually pretty terrifying, but at least they were told by God that they’re supposed to love Humans, right? That’s a thousand times better than what Angels really turned out to be. by suspiciousflashlight.

Destiel AU, modern setting, Mature. Dean is a police officer in a world where magic is known, Cas is a little shit, and Dean magically enslaves him to solve a case that is literally haunting him. By Ltleflrt.

Destiel AU, Modern setting, Explicit. When Castiel moves out of Jimmy’s house and into his own place for the first time, he saves money on buying a home by investing in a Fixer-Upper. He knows nothing about how to fix the many problems the house has, but he figures he’s smart enough to figure it out. Unfortunately it’s not too long before he learns that he’s way in over his head.
Thankfully his new neighbor Dean is a handyman, and agrees to help him out. He knows Dean has a bit of a crush on him, but he’s not taking advantage of it, really. Dean’s a great guy, and quickly becomes a good friend.
But a flash of satin under Dean’s toolbelt changes everything. by Unforth. Destiel AU, Modern Setting, Mature. Ever since his wife Lisa died, Dean Winchester has been willing to do anything for his son Ben. When Ben decided he wanted to adopt a halfling, Dean said yes without hesitation - provided they did so the right way, by giving whichever half-human they decided to bring home the respect and dignity it deserved. Half-octopi Castiel isn’t exactly what they were looking for in a pet, but, then, they aren’t exactly what Castiel was expecting for owners, either. by LittleAngelCassie, Destiel AU, Modern setting, explicit. The sins of the past never stay buried; Dean’s spent years trying to suppress the memories and nightmares that chase him relentlessly. The now 35-year-old Omega entered the BDSM lifestyle seeking penance for his crimes against humanity hoping to rectify all his wrongs through his own pain.
After a particularly frightening encounter, Dean agrees to try a different approach to his self-atonement. Compassion was never in the cards until Castiel Novak showed up at his door, pushing Dean’s boundaries and forcing him to face this new reality that includes a possible future with the handsome alpha.
Welcome to a new world twisting ABO and BDSM, where somewhere between retribution and redemption lies …Tilted Mercy. by Soupernabturel.

Destiel AU, Modern Setting, Mature. Dean Winchester was alive. And not just alive, but alive and purchasing fabric softener in a mountain hick town in Vermont.
Sam was going to kill him

Scorpio's path - and understanding the passion axis of eros and thanatos

I think you’ll find this pertinent, well, so says my other scorpio rising and scorpio sun friends xoxo

also, it is pretty much eye opening for any other astro curious babiss for, just like the capricorn sign, scorpio is often VERY HORRIBLY DEPICTED and HARMFUL STEREOTYPES are circulating, and much MISCONCEPTIONS which undermines the pertinence and the potential of these grand signs, who might have a though time dealing with life until they MATURE enough so that they are more at peace with themselves - and the rest of the world. Now I do admit this is quite a hefty reading, but just flow with it. through knowledge comes understanding and acceptation, guidance even - and a comforting feeling of being understood and able to connect with humanity? just throwing things out there. applies to me.



Born Again and Again…  


 No sign confronts us with more mystery than Scorpio. But no sign offers us more possibilities of mastery than Scorpio either. Every sign of the Zodiac symbolizes a specific aspect of the human struggle towards greater consciousness and the eventual manifestation of Love in the human form. 

 Every sign embodies a specific energy that both provokes and assists us on our journey. 

 Scorpio is a Water sign, which means that it embodies emotional energy. It differs significantly from he Earth signs-Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn-which embody physical energy that can be seen and recognized as material objects and results. The emotional energy and the motivations of the Water signs-Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces-lie below the surface of the consciousness in the unconscious. 

 The energy of the Water signs is elusive and mysterious. One is too often unaware of the emotional frustrations, desires and needs that propel one’s actions. It is the Water signs that teach us that we must get in touch with our feeling nature in order to access the instinctual nature of our behavior. We must develop a relationship with our emotional body in order to overcome feelings of isolation and vulnerability and to develop an inner sense of security and safety. 


 Scorpio is the only sign of the zodiac that has transformation built into its symbology. Scorpio is represented not only by the scorpion, but also by the spider, the eagle and the phoenix. Each of the later three represents a phase in its spiritual path. 

 As was explained in “Libra’s Balancing Act" there are three general stages of evolution of the Soul in the human body. 

 these three levels of consciousness are (1) Personality-centered, (2) awakening to the Soul-personality relationship, and (3) Soul-centered. 

 I refer to these three stages of evolution as (1) Asleep, (2) Awakening or waking-up and (3) Awake. 

 Scorpio has these three stages vivified in its symbols. 

 Scorpio discards the old, so it can let in the new. But it does not let go lightly. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, which means that is tenacious and does not change easily. It must penetrate to the very core of the issue at hand. 

 It must not only get to the bottom of matters, it must expose the cause and thus the Truth. Scorpio penetrates to the Zero Point-the place where death has already occurred and creation has not yet begun. Scorpio must make sure it is really dead before it is ready to be reborn. Scorpio insists onbeginning with a clean slate. 

 Scorpio is destructive only from the point of view that it is inherently transformational. Asleep Scorpio must die or it will suffer a slow, painful death. Scorpio’s issues are in its face all the time. Some of the other signs seem to have moments of reprieve. Not Scorpio. Its intensity is seldom, if ever, lowered. The good news is that as it is reborn, its intensity is transmuted to magnetism, charisma and internal power. 


 Each astrological sign has its own unique evolutionary path in its quest to move from darkness to Light. Scorpio’s path from death to Immortality is one of the most intense because Scorpio is resolutely committed to redeeming its lower self and embodying its Higher Self. Scorpio has chosen to fight the war and to win it. Scorpio’s path is to achieve Harmony through Conflict. Scorpio’s triumph comes when it successfully integrates its Soul into its personality and uses its resulting powers for the benefit of humankind. 

 Asleep Scorpio uses its energy selfishly and destructively. Since it does not experience its own light and vitality, it must take life from others. It uses its magnetic energy to attract others into its web so that it can use their resources for its own ends. In its darkness, it seeks the destruction of others. But its dance of death eventually ends up being self-annihilating. When it has created enough self-inflicted pain, it is obliged to wake up or die. 

 Scorpio’s awakening path begins when it realizes that it is standing in its own way. Scorpio’s spiritual journey begins when it looks into the mirror and declares, "It is my unconscious self and no other that is impeding my progress. I invite the tests and willingly engage in the battles that will free me from my ignorance and unite me with the Truth." 

 Awakening Scorpio self-initiates its tests and trials. It creates circumstances where it is confronted with unavoidable and inevitable challenges. The purpose of its tests is to oblige it to sacrifice its lower to its Higher self, its ego, to its Soul. Conflicts must be created, battles must ensue and the darkness must be exposed so that Scorpio can emerge triumphant in the light of its own consciousness. 

 Much of this article is about Awakening Scorpio. With the patience and inner brilliance of the Eagle, it realizes the futility of ego-centered battles and commits to the tests and trials that will lead it to its own liberation. 

 Awake Scorpio has transformed itself from an Eagle to a Phoenix. Out of adversity it has found Love. Through unavoidable conflict, it has achieved peace. From the battle, it has reclaimed its life force and higher consciousness. It is now ready to dedicate its magnetic and healing powers to work with others for the common good and a new world order. 


 One of Scorpio’s secrets is its ability to direct its energy and to focus on its purpose. Its unequaled power of "the eye of the eagle” allows it to clear its path, to wisely use every atom of its energy and to go for its envisioned goal undeterred. Because Scorpio is a water sign, its energy is always flowing. It flows around, wears away or seeps through any obstacles. 

Scorpio is a deep river whose will is set and current is fixed. The waters of its the emotional body are resolutely devoted to dealing with every challenge. It will win the battle within its own consciousness and emerge as a One-Pointed Disciple ready for the teachers and the teachings. 

Scorpio by its very nature attracts environments that engage its personality in battle. It is a battle within itself to recognize and eliminate limiting thought forms and beliefs that keep its emotional energy chained to false desires and illusions. As Scorpio individualizes and separates itself from mass consciousness, it plays an important role in clearing and preparing thecollective consciousness for greater harmony and conscious evolution. 

Scorpio exemplifies how the personal psyche must be transformed in order to prepare for collective transformation. The new social archetypes and inventions that Aquarius works to create can only be put into place if they can be held in the consciousness of the individuals that comprise the collective. Scorpio is the internal battleground between the old and the new order. It is in Scorpionic territory and through Scorpionic tests that the wheel is reversed and the dynamics of a more evolved consciousness are put into place. 


Scorpio’s territory is the psyche, the unconscious mind and the emotional body. Scorpio spells deep, dark secrets, wounds and therapy. In the human body, its territory is the second or sex chakra and the solar plexus. 

Asleep Scorpio lives in an overlay of fear. Like a fish in water, when it is asleep, it is not aware of the all-pervasive psychic trauma that inhabits every cell of its being. It knows it is tormented, but it knows not why. 

Awakening Scorpio’s path is to bring the WHY into conscious awareness. Each time it becomes conscious of one of its controlling fears, that fear dies, is transmuted into power and a new self is born. This process of confronting and befriending its emotional dragons is a lifetime process for Scorpio. But no sign is meant to suffer forever. Awake Scorpio’s healing is as dramatic as its tests, as claims its gifts from the garbage and soars to victory. 


 Scorpio must find out what is going on in its emotional body. Then it has to become consciously at peace with its emotional body. This is a daunting task for several reasons. (1) Our culture teaches us to ignore, suppress and condemn our emotions. (2) Traditional spiritual paths are similarly useless at best and destructive at worse. 

 The emotions are relegated to such derogatory categories of false desires and Maya inducers. In sum, we are taught that the emotions get in the way of our spiritual path. What gets in our way are the distortions of our primal energy and the stories we make up about what we think will make us happy. 

 The idea that our emotions could be an integral and indeed critical part of our spiritual path is generally a foreign concept. Emotional energy is our life force! Emotions are the force field of the Soul. He also states that our spiritual path starts when we begin to feel our emotions. 

 Emotions are nonverbal. I repeat NONVERBAL. If we are thinking about our emotional upsets we are intellectualizing our emotions. We must learn to distinguish between the energy of emotions and mental trauma-dramas. 

 Understanding Scorpio is an emotional, not a mental process. A deep (it has to be deep for Scorpio!) understanding of our emotional traumas is an essential element in our healing process. But explaining the root causes is not sufficient for our healing. 

 Mental explanations can lead us into victimization complexes, rationalizations of dysfunctional behavior and other destructive mental trips that only dig us into deeper holes and add to our torment and confusion. Many (perhaps all) spiritual paths have some aphorism that translates-Understanding is the booby prize. 

 The point is that if we stop at the level of explanation, we never get to the emotional component. If we stop at the level of the mind, we never get to the experience. If we stop with our thoughts, we never experience our instinctual self. 


 No matter how much we meditate, swim, run or exercise, our emotions are not going to go away. And we wouldn’t want them to! 

 The above activities help us manage our emotional energy and bring us to a state where we can integrate them into our consciousness. However, the only way to develop a relationship with our emotions is to FEEL them in our body. In the process we connect to our primal, instinctual, Soul energy. 

 Emotions are not thought about. Emotions are experienced. Emotions are felt. Emotions are sensed. Emotions are integrated into our consciousness through feeling the sensations in our body. The basic problem is that feeling our sensations in our body is at first a very scary and uncomfortable experience. We avoid it at all costs. And the cost is very high. When the costs are more than we can bear-mental torment, physical illness, financial ruin, emotional estrangement from others-we submit ourselves to the inevitable journey into the pit of our own psyche. 

 When we come to the realization that whatever misery we have attracted is of our own doing, we are humbled enough to begin the Scorpionic path to liberation. 

 What we do not feel is both our tormentor and our teacher. What we feel is both our power and eventually our peace. Our emotional energy, expressed as frustration and stress is potential power. Our anger is potential light that propels us to action. Our fear is potential energy. Our sadness ispotential bliss. 

 Sooner or later awakening Scorpio realizes that it is suffering from emotional, not physical, exhaustion. Uncovering the source of its emotional pain becomes imperative. Healing the emotional body becomes its mission. 


 The emotions are the substance of the astral realm. The astral realm lies in between the physical and the spiritual planes. If we want to bring the goodies through, we have to become friends with the astral, which is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto, God of the underworld. Scorpio and Pluto teach us how to spiritualize matter and how to manifest spirit. We can hang out in spiritual bliss for short or long periods of time. 

 We can absorb ourselves in physical plane activities. But we can’t have both, unless we master the astral, which is bridge between the two worlds. Did you ever wonder why you couldn’t maintain that blissful feeling that you achieve during meditation? 

 Did you ever ask why it is so difficult to hold the Light in your mind? Why the place you want to be is so ephemeral? 

 You know the sun is shining, but you can’t seem to pull up the shades and let it warm your hungry heart. And no matter how hard you try, darkness seems to prevail. Blame Scorpio and your emotions. Better yet, befriend Scorpio andyour emotional body. 

 Emotions are almost, but not quite physical. Like the astral plane, they are less dense than physical energy and denser than spiritual energy. Their density makes them more tangible. Because they are experienced in the physical body, we can access them and experience their different qualities. Because they are personal, we can develop an intimate relationship with them. 

 Distortions of our emotional energy trap our Soul in the astral plane. Whatever is not cleared in the astral will draw us back to the earth plane. This is often referred to as working out our karma. Our human challenge is to liberate our Soul into the Light of Spirit. Only then do we free ourselves from the earthly cycle of birth and death. The more we befriend our emotions, the easier it is to find the Light and the Love we seek within ourselves. In fact, we discover that our emotional energy is the rich substance of our Soul. When we achieve peace within ourselves and “die” in peace, we have achieved our own immortality. 


 "Understanding is the booby prize" not only because if we remain in the mind, we miss the experience, but because the emotional body is the causal level of manifestation. Manifestation begins with a thought, but it is the emotional body, the desire energy that furnishes the juice to bring it into being. Ideas seed an event or circumstance. Emotions provide the charge or the “motion” for the action to happen. Our inner desires and feeling nature are the cause of what we create in our outer world. 

 The problem is that since we often do not recognize and honor the power of our feeling and desire nature, it is pushed deeper into theunconscious. Operating from a subterranean position, our hidden emotions cause us to act in ways that we do not own and to attract illnesses and circumstances that we do not understand. If our psychic energy is not released through the expression of our feelings, it will express itself through the physical body and disturbing events. This disguise is of our own making because we are blocked by the fear of owning our own vulnerability and sensitivity and claiming our internal power. 


 The path of the water signs is to develop an inner sense of security and safety. To do this we must first discover what is making us feel insecure and unsafe. We must bring our fears into the light of day in order to deal with them consciously and constructively. 

 The path of Cancer is to build a base within itself. It must learn to withdraw its unconscious projection to the external world and replace it with a firm sense of its own identity. Its goal is to create a solid sense of inner security on the feeling level, which becomes a permanent feature of its conscious personality. 

 Cancer’s focus is the individual personality. Scorpio must apply this emotional maturity to personal relationships. Cancer is about nurturing one’s self. Scorpio is about nurturing relationships and building teams with the end goal of creating something together. 


 Scorpio’s domain is what it creates with others. It is through emotional stability that it creates and is able to maintain business and personal relationships. The nature of the crises that Scorpio faces deal with its emotional ties to others and how it uses its emotional energy in interpersonal relationships. Scorpio is constantly forced to examine and purify its emotional nature in order to attract and keep the relationships that it desires. 

 Scorpio seeks self-understanding and self-mastery through constant crisis. At every turn it must recognize that its inadequacies are emotional, not physical or even mental. It is its emotional, not its physical values that will carry it through. Scorpio experiences what it perceives as let downs by others until it no longer let’s itself down. 

 Its emotional wounds are deep and slow to heal. They are intense because the involve others, not just itself. For it is transformative union with others that it seeks. 

 To achieve this level of intimacy, Scorpio must transform itself. This transformation requires no less than the mastery of its own unconscious and its rebirth into higher consciousness. 


 In daily human life, Scorpio’s territory is money, sex and power. 

 Some people have sufficiently mastered denial enough to naively claim that they have no desire for one or more of the above. 

 However, this usually false claim does not exempt one from the Scorpionic tests. It may delay it. It may make is more unconscious. But it does not eliminate it. And Scorpio will bite us until we are in enough pain and our lives are in enough disarray that we have no choice but swim with, not run away from, this peskycreature. 

 Let’s take these areas of intense interest one at a time. It is wise to keep Scorpio’s motivators in mind as we jump into the ring. Scorpio’s gifts include emotional safety and stability, financial security, magnetism and charisma, spiritual powers and tantric union. 

 If you are interested in any of the above, please continue reading. 


 We live in an abundant universe. How do we tap this abundance? We pull in universal energy through our emotional body. We can put our energy out there through mediation and chanting. There are an abundance of prosperity meditations that help us create a universal bank account. However, this wealth just sits there until we learn how to bring it in to the physical plane and draw it to ourselves. Scorpio teaches us how to do this. (Are you getting more interested in Scorpio?) 

 Scorpio teaches us how to connect with the Source. The Source is Self and Universal energy. It is through the Self that we become a channel for Universal energy. The Self is accessed through the emotions. Sorry, I tried too, but there is no way around this formula. 

 Scorpio teaches us that there is a direct relationship between money and prosperity and emotional generosity. Emotional stinginess, restriction and tightness translate into monetary problems, debts and limitations. 


 Scorpio has three chances to get our attention. If money doesn’t do it, sex might. Tantric Sex is the domain of Scorpio. The goal of Tantra is to achieve union with the Divine. This can be done alone or with a partner. 

 The trick is that it can’t be achieved with a partner unless one can do it alone. Sexuality may be used to reach this state, but it is only possible if one is able to stay with and contain one’s own emotional energy. 

 Sexual relations are one of the quickest ways to bring to the surface our intimacy, security, boundary and other emotional issues. Our subconscious projections too often attract to us partners often personify our worst fears. Then we create situations to avoid intimacy because we are unwilling or not ready to face our own fears and resistance to change. 

 We create excuses that allow us to escape confronting our own issues and insecurities. The boundaries of real emotional intimacy are circumscribed by our ability to face and change the programs and patterns that keep us from merging. 

 If we are separated from ourselves, we will feel separated from our lover. We can only get as close to another as we can get close to ourselves. We can only merge with another, if we can merge within ourselves. If we feel something is missing in ourselves, something will also be missing in our relationships. When we can sustain a connection with our own emotional energy, we can sustain an energetic connection in partnerships and in all our interactions. 

 By the way, if you are waiting for your Divine Beloved to show up, may I humbly suggest spending the interim cultivating an intimate relationship with your emotional body. To quote a Chi Gong master, “Waiting is wasting." 

 We too often search for partners to give us energy. We do so because we are losing our own energy, through stress or outwardly directed attention. Our goals are to not need anyone else’s energy and to not give away our own. We can accomplish this awesome feat as we learn to contain our own emotional energy. 

 We want to be able to enjoy our own energy, take it with us wherever we go, and share it without losing it or giving it away. 

 We avoid and shut out others to avoid having our buttons pressed and to avoid feeling wounded again and again. The problem with this scenario is that we are shutting off our own emotional energy. People will always press our buttons until we have no buttons left to press. It takes a huge amount of energy to be annoyed by others all the time. 

 Our emotional reactions can ruin our life. Awakening Scorpio’s tactic is to feel the internal response and be with it’s own energy. 

 If we learn from Scorpio, eventually we won’t react and we won’t lose energy. Then we will be in possession of ourselves. Then we will be in charge of our own energy and our own life. Instead of being a victim of ourselves, we will have a deep and meaningful life! 


 If nether money, nor sex get our attention, power might. Through Scorpio we can access our own internal power to manifest, to heal and to create. By following Scorpio’s path, we can achieve inner peace. For Scorpio peace = power. We each have a certain amount of energy. This energy can be consumed by mental torment, emotional stress and physical illness. 

 This energy can also be used to attract resources and relationships, to propel us through our daily activities and to heal and enliven our physical body. 

 By default, our energy is too often bound up in physical and emotional stress. Much of our life force is blocked in old thought patterns and wounds. The destructive patterns create a slow death and keep us from tapping our full potential and expressing our unlimited creativity. The mathematics are pretty simple. As we free up the energy that is being used to sabotage our well being, it is available to live life more fully. 

 Scorpio is a no fluff creature. Scorpio means serious business. Scorpio has a purpose which it will accomplish. Scorpio has an intention that will not budge. Scorpio has a commitment that is unchallenged. There are many reasons, but start with-its life, livelihood and peace of mind depend upon its full dedication to its own liberation. To escape constant internal turmoil, it must make peace with its dragons. There will be no peace until it does. And perhaps no financial stability and no fulfilling relationships either. 

 Scorpio’s path is truly a life or death matter. Scorpio realizes in the most organic way that a slow painful death through self-inflicted destruction is worse, much worse, than jumping head first into the Ring of Fire. 

 Are YOU ready to jump? If so, you may ask, "Where is the Ring of Fire?” The answer is, “You are already in it!” Every human experience in every person’s life is a Ring of Fire. We can train ourselves in whatever situation we have attracted. Opportunities are available 24 hours a day, any time, any place. 

 Whatever gets our attention is a prime opportunity to feel our emotions, to be aware of how they impact our physical body and thoughts. Our goal is to become aware of where our energy is blocked and to work with it until it flows smoothly and effortlessly. 


 Scorpio’s touchstone is -It is all about me! It is all about my reactions, my energy and my power. Scorpio’s wake up call comes when it realizes that it is a victim only of itself. 

 Scorpio’s inherent duality is that it is simultaneously both scary and irresistible. Scorpio is intimidating. But it is also enticing. Scorpio feels the deepest pain. But it also experiences the deepest satisfaction. 

 At the conscious level Scorpio’s emotional fears may appear irrational. But at the deepest level of the psyche they are very real. 

 Scorpio teaches us that what we might like to deny, we cannot escape. Where we do not want to go is our ultimate destination. The trick is to honor, but not be manipulated by our deepest fears. 

 Many people have said it in many ways-we are most afraid of our own power. Scorpio is about owning our own power. Scorpio reminds us- There is no stability or sanity without being master of your own emotional energy. There is no peace and no power without conscious connection to your instinctual self. 


 Scorpio is driven to get to the root cause of its pain. Scorpio teaches us that permanent healing requires one to penetrate to the core of one’s dysfunctions. The original cause is found at the moment and in the circumstances where we abandoned ourselves. 

 The “original sin” is when we turned our inward attention outward—when we began to look to others for approval, recognition, and permission and to get our needs met. Our initial soulful pain commenced when we jumped out of our bodies into our minds, when we started to try to figure things out instead of listen to our intuitive, instinctual guidance. 

 The zero point is when we rejected ourselves and disconnected from our own heart and feelings. Personal rejection is the root cause of our suffering. Self-rejection began when we were very young (usually between the ages of 2-5). The healing of our inner child takes place as we recognize when and how we cut ourselves off from our feelings and energetically reconnect to our deepest emotions. This is an organic process whereby we actually access our wounds as feelings in our body. 

 One of the goals of therapy (Scorpionic territory for sure) is to uncover the reoccurring patterns and underlying belief structures about ourselves, others and the world that lock us into recreating the same dysfunctional scenarios in our lives. These scenarios play themselves out over and over until they get our attention, we realize what we are doing, understand why, and choose to change. 

 Transformational change happens when we (1) identify what caused us to turn our attention outward, (2) take responsibility for what happened, (3) forgive ourselves and others, and (4) actually alter our beliefs, attitudes and behavior. Personality-soul integration takes place as redirect our attention towards ourselves and establish an energetic relationship with our emotions and feelings. 

 "Homecoming" is when we come home to ourselves and fill our inner void with our own self-love. 


 All astrological signs attract the situations they require to empower themselves. Scorpio’s choices are often the most painful, the most relentless and the most penetrating. Scorpio is determined that we get a fundamental point of all healing-It is all about ME. 

 Scorpio is a master at upsetting us until we realize this basic truth– I am the one that needs to change. Scorpio stings us with confrontive and disturbing circumstances and relationships until we get the point it is trying to convey-why waste your energy trying to do the impossible task of changing others. Get smart and use your energy to change yourself! 

 Scorpio liberates itself by taking the gifts from the garbage. Scorpio reclaims its wings by discarding the garbage. Scorpio earns its freedom by rising above and far beyond the old problems. 

 Scorpio is lurking somewhere in everyone’s astrological chart. Yet few understand, let alone have done the work to master, Scorpio’s lessons. 

 A woman recently shared the following story, which powerfully exemplifies Scorpio’s path to power. Circumstances pushed this woman to teach herself to contain her own emotional energy. This woman is, by the way, an Aquarian. Her Jupiter (what expands her) and her Neptune (her dreams and fantasies) and her Ascendant (how she projects herself to the world) are in Scorpio. 

 Here is her story—-I was “trying ” to have a “sincere ” relationship with a person whom I could feel no warmth toward. I see now that the best I could have done, and which I finally chose to do, was to give her, and myself, the space to be ourselves. We live in the same house, which proved particularly difficult in the beginning to distance myself from her verbal attacks. Our interactions always left me in tears and emotionally distraught for days afterward. My emotions ran away with me and I could not concentrate on other aspects of my life, as this always seemed to take up most of my time and energy. 

 What I have done is to be honest with myself as to the fact that she rubbed me the wrong way continually and that I had to be the one to change my feelings. I did so and due to my daily meditation and practicing peace within myself I have been able to discipline my feelings & emotions so that I can think before I allow myself to feel. I have also realized that I can contain those same feelings without them running off before I have time to contemplate my reactions. 

 Sadly I came to realize that I was feeling “ bad” not being able to relate to her. But I have come to respect her as a separate person with her own life to live. We do not a have to have a close relationship simply because we are family. Her reactions toward my desire to be close was one of the first times in my life I experienced such rejection. I was confronted with a completely new situation. I continually “tried ” to make something out of our times together, but this was wasted time as two people can only relate to each other when both have this need. 

 I have since forgiven her within myself for what I felt during that time and have moved on in my life. After learning to keep my emotional body within myself, I have found it easier and easier to handle my emotions as they arise. I have often wished that I could flee such situations. But that would mean that every time somebody said or did something which affected my emotions, I would have to try to escape. I would have to continually be on the move. So I decided to work with my feelings and become more aware of the patterns that she was touching within me. 

 I have since let her go and be her own self and I appreciate the lesson that I was taught by her behavior toward me. It has been very challenging to go about this conflict in this way, which I chose for myself. It has been a time of great intensity and I have needed much strength to keep at it until I felt I was through. To any body who chooses to go on this path the rewards are incredible, as to find inner peace of such depth is worth all the pain. 


 For Scorpio, the stakes are high and so are the collective fear, superstition and fascination with all the domains that Scorpio rules. Scorpio must descend into Pluto’s underworld. It must confront all the demons in its own subconscious hell. Scorpio’s journey is arduous but it offers the greatest gifts. Each successful confrontation unearths a treasure. When Scorpio rises from its own ashes, it takes with it the occult powers. The phoenix liberates itself by reclaiming all parts of its Soul. 

 Awake Scorpio embodies the life-giving powers to heal itself and others. Its final prize is its own immortality. 

 At last, the Phoenix has realized its Truth and found the Light within its own being. It can now practice living the Truth. It can hold the Light of its Soul alone and with others. At last, it can enjoy its Light and share its love. The journey has been worth and it and another has just begun. 

 Scorpio will continue to be reborn again and again. 

claiming my skin

white-washed: my classmates said i
had black skin but white insides, like
an Oreo cookie. first i
took that as a compliment, but
i wrestled with the cognitive dissonance
separating my mind from my skin; was
blackness more than melanin? i
leaned into black power, black 
art, black individuality & the strength of the
collective, learning that my body isn’t a jail but a
kingdom, and now i take pride.