Reindeers and Fireballs (Same Age Joseff/Blaze)

Joseff pitter-pattered down the hallways, the eight year old was headed, in the middle of the night, to see his adopted cousin… Not that either of them knew that fact.

Blaze had shown up on the doorstep not long after Joseff was born, and the two were inseparable from that moment on.

Joseff eased her bedroom door open, shutting it behind him and peaking over the side of her bed.

“Blazey,” he whispered “Blazey, wake up.”


Jack sighed as he rode into the kingdom, dismounting in the courtyard.  His group of knights stopped behind him, climbing off of their horses.  An annoyed sigh escaped his lips and he curled his hand into a fist, freezing them or a moment before quickly thawing them and walking toward the family of Arendelle.  Why did they have to have an arranged marriage? He didn’t even know this Elsa girl.  He bowed in front of them. “Greetings. I am Prince Jack.” He looked up at the parents before moving his gaze to the obviously elder girl who he assumed was Elsa. “I am please to make your acquaintance.”


Elsa smiled back and started making a few more that floated up and then gently back down on the baby.

“Anna likes them.” Irisi said.

“I think so to” the princess nodded her blond head

The girls giggled as Anna made grabby hands at the snowflakes


Hearing a knock on the door, Anna looked up, startled. One of the members of staff must have been around the castle after hours. There was nobody else in the house, other than Elsa, and she didn’t believe that her older sister would be the one to seek Anna out for anything at this late hour.

“Uh.. who is it?”

A chance meeting.// Closed rp.

Saph almost couldn’t believe her luck, almost being the key word. She was used to strange things happening and occasionally getting into spots of trouble because of them, but she hadn’t expected  getting lost in a place she’d never been and never seen before that happened to be a little colder then where she was from.

The redhead shivered lightly, putting her gloves on and tugging her jacket a bit tighter around herself. “There’s gotta be a place near by where I can go and get directions or something.” She muttered to herself, looking around the wooded area before noticing a large structure in the distance “Oh well ask and you shall receive I guess. Hopefully someone there can help me out.”

She made her way to the place, slipping a little here and there before she fully came upon the massive palace. “Whoa…this is..amazing. Is this all…ice?” She asked quietly to noone in particular before shakign her head and knocking on the gigantic doors “Hello? Is anybody here?” When she got no response, she took in a deep breath before opening the door lightly and peeking in, calling out again “Hello? Is anybody home?”

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" | Thecold-never-bothered-me-anyway

“Elsa!” The girl’s whisper echoed in their shared bedroom as she glanced towards her sleeping sister. Anna had been sitting beside the window and had noticed the flurries begin to assemble in the sky. Only a few days before Christmas, the younger princess hadn’t been sleeping very well.

“Elsa, look! Elsa, it’s snowing for us!”

Lost city

Jack stared at the book, running his fingers through his white hair with a sigh. They had already been through so much on this trip with the giant metal sea monster and the fire bugs and a bunch of other problems. It seemed like they were almost there and hopefully the trip would be smooth. But that wish soon vanished.

A stone bridge that they had been crossing collapsed under them and Jack was tossed from his car. A groan escaped him as he lay against the rocks. His whole body hurt, but there was a stinging pain on his chest. Maybe he had been cut or something. Slowly his eyes opened to find a giant mask in front of him. His eyes went wide and he tried to move away but there were rocks surrounding him, blocking his escapes.


The Biggest Day - thecold-never-bothered-me-anyway

Joseff stood in front of the mirror, his dress clothes striking, his stomach churning.

He wiped some sweat from his brow taking deep breaths, what if she said no? There was still time.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. He nearly jumped, “Uh, Come in?”

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Karugh had been enjoying herself in the woods a little too much. It was dark, but patches of sunlight made a perfect place for her to stretch out, especially with her near twenty foot long tail. The gilded edge glinted as her scales sucked in the heat, the naga lazily resting her head on a rock.

Long tresses of ginger curls sprouted from her head, covering most of the naga’s freckled and scaled body. But a few jade ones peeked out, casting refraction onto the nearby waters.

Just chilling with my good friend, Simon Petrikov at SDCC. He was mumbling something about a crown and how it was “ice to meet me”… (at Comic Con San Diego)

Jack Frost cosplayer: spielbergfan1

Simon Petrikov / Ice King cosplayer: refinedjester

I cannot stand Anna! I could tell that Disney was trying to make her all quirky and cute and awkward but she just came off as so overbearingly awkward and like this person that no one wants to be around (or at least, she would not be someone I would want to be around). Not to mention, she doesn’t know anyone’s boundaries—she pushed Elsa way too hard and triggered her, and fell for Hans in a record-breaking less than 2 minutes.


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As Esmeralda’s performance came to a close, the large smile remained, watching as the crowd threw money onto the stage. Then, in an instant, she felt the familiar red smoke engulf her as Clopin announced her performance was over. As usual she slipped away, and was soon out of her show gear and into her daytime attire, moving into the crowds to blend in, searching for a place where she could sit for the rest of the evening, purple cloak covering her face as Djali walked by her side.