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(( I know those feels, dear ;—; I’m sure there are plenty of people who want to rp with an amazing person like you.))

[…At least someone does.. I mean, I’ve tried to go ask people for RPs but.. the same thing happens as it always does…

And me? Amazing? And plenty of people want to RP with me? Nah… I’m less than amazing. Mediocre at best, hun. You and the others are the amazing ones..

No worries, though. This feeling will pass…]

Seifer Almasy......Guilty or innocent?


Oh, he was just stepping in left to right, wrong move buddy. She growled again and threw another explosive seal directly aiming for his face, hoping her arm didn’t fail her.

“I AM NOT OLD DAMN IT!” She shouted angrily, flinging another seal at him. How dare he? The nerve of this guy. Why did people automatically assume she was middle-aged? I guess being twenty-one was the new thirty? Her nostrils flared and she huffed, crossing her arms.

“Asshole.” She cursed under her breath, making it blatantly loud enough for him to catch what she said.

Standing upright, holding her handful of seals to her side, she began to introduce herself.

“I’m Sheena Fujibayashi, the Chief of the home you destroyed.” Her reply was laced with the pleasure of self-respect. “Now. Tell me, what were you doing here? I haven’t ever seen you around here before.” She decided to attempt to give him a reasonable chance to explain his intentions.

“Balamb Disciplinary Committee?” She questioned whilst raising her brow.

Seifer chuckled loudly to the middle aged woman. Seeing her shout at him about her age and even hearing her call him an “asshole”. Seifer ended up doing something he had not done for quite sometime. He laughed harder then he had ever laughed before. This summoner had spunk. “Well congratulations Sheena, you have done what many in this world could not. That is make me laugh. I’m a firm believer in rewarding those who deserve it. So I’ll answer your questions. First, like I said before, I am a proud member and leader of the Balamb Disciplinary Committee. When people act like animals and get along with normal humans. It’s my job to treat them like animals and punish them. Believe me, punishing is something I am very skilled at.” Seifer said with a grin, showing his confident and cocky side to Sheena.

“Now for your next question, your village. Honestly, I don’t  feel the need to prove myself to anybody. However, you’re a key witness and my only hope of escaping the lovely torturing prisoner system of your clan. So you’ll have to represent me and tell your people I had nothing to do this.” Seifer said and saw the dull look on Sheena’s face. “Oh…that’s right, you think I burned your village. Look, I love destruction. But destroying a village. Too messy and not my style. This was the work of my client. He has hired me to escort someone called "The chosen one” to his custody. When I refused and told him that I don’t take orders, he told me to come here. The next thing I know your village is on fire and everyone in your village is looking at me with hatred, I’m not too sure what my next move is, but I’m sure it has to do with this “chosen one crap.” Seifer added as he crossed his arms and leaned on the nearby wall hoping that Sheena believed his story.