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“My name is Sherlock Holmes.  It is my business to know what other people don’t know, I am the last and highest court of appeal in detection. 
Captain Gregson told me he would be sending some case work my way - you have something interesting for me I take it?“

“So many of you have arrived!” A light laugh escaped the former Ringbearer’s lips, and he opened the door wider, permitting entry to one and all. “Greetings. Frodo Baggins at your service. Please, come inside for a cup of tea— and do tell me who you are. Bag end’s doors are always open for visitors.” The smell of fresh chamomile and lemon tea wafted from the kitchen, mixing with the musky scent of pipeweed and ink.

Drabblocalypse, Track 14: "Love Like Winter."
  • Morrigan’s Wake, London: Tessa, Sally, Winter, et al.

Sally had her mobile to her ear, looking perplexed. “You’re– where?”

“Wester Drumlins,” Larry replied, more than a bit sheepishly. “You said you were doing your happy-for-deep-people thing and I wanted to try it. It’s fine, there’s no Angels.”

Sally laughed exasperatedly, shook her head. “Yes. Okay. Just– stay indoors. You are, quite luckily, in one of the safest places on Earth.”

Larry made a bewildered noise. “Well. That’s a turnabout." 

Sally smiled softly, gently– though she’d never admit it– lovingly. "Isn’t it just?”

He paused. “Do you have it on you? In case he shows up? In case he needs it?”

Sally shook her head, exasperatedly. “He’s out there solving this, Larry, I’m sure of it. He’s got much more important places to be than here. Not to mention, even if he did show up, how unlikely is it that the same thing would save him twice?”

Larry, on the other hand, would brook no argument, not on this: “Do you have it with you?”

Sally sighed, ruefully, significantly less lovingly, but– yet– oddly– still lovingly. And held up the DVD copy of Angel Smile that never left her purse. “I’ve got it. I promise. I swear. Just in case.”

“Good,” Larry sighed with relief. 

“You are such a twit,” Sally declared, shaking her head. But she felt encouraged, and she didn’t think that would be possible.

Across the bar, Win was having a similar conversation, frowning down at her VM with a mixture of relief and agony.

“So yer safe,” she shook her head. “But yer– not?”

“In the Time Vortex,” Rory replied, over the Vortex Manipulator’s commlink, his voice all hissy and staticky, his image on the display screen fuzzing out every other syllable. “The TARDIS couldn’t stop us from going where we were going, so she shunted her passengers to an old Console Room– and then ejected it. Not like the other one, looked like some sort of grotto? This one’s all… steampunk. Whopping great metal pylons. Plenty to read.”

Win could yelling in the background, The Doctor sounded most displeased. She could hear Creeper replying, and though the signal wasn’t great, she could tell her husband was in a bad way– his Liverpudlian always came out more when he was stressed.

Both The Doctor and Creeper were worried about their TARDIS. Her heart ached for them. But she could also hear Amy riding herd on both of them, her Scottish ferocity piercing any shroud of static, so that was a relief.

“I’ve been looking after the pets,” Rory explained. “But. Um. I’m afraid we lost Theta.”

Win’s heart thudded up hard into her throat. “Thete? He was on–”

Rory interrupted, hastily, panicky. “No, no, no, Theta– not– Theta Theta, oh, I knew I would say that wrong. No, the rabbit, Theta the Rabbit, I’m sorry, for some reason The TARDIS missed him in the shunt.”

Win made a very crumpled face. It was good that Thete was okay. But any loss of life, especially adorable life, hit her hard.  "That rabbit,“ she sighed. "Him an’ his unlucky feet.”

Rory seemed to glance off to the side. “Anyway. The Doctor says that ordinarily he could land this thing even with just a Console Room, but that there's something going on with The Time Vortex, it’s extra crackly. It’s taking all our reserve power to maintain what The Doctor called a ‘static warp shell,’ protect us from the ravages. I told him that that sounded made-up, like he’d nicked it from Star Trek, and he gave me such a look. If looks could kill.”

“Pft,” Win managed a weary smile. “S'if anythin’ could kill you.”

“Yeah,” Rory mumbled noncommittally. “Look, apparently I need to go put goggles on and weld a thing. We’ll be fine here until someone can come get us. The Doctor says this isn’t the first time he’s been jettisoned in a sealed compartment, and it probably won’t be the last." 

"Okay,” Win nodded, obviously obviously wishing that Creeper could stop and talk to her personally, but keeping himself and friends alive was an understandable priority. “Okay. Hang in there, Rory. My love to Creeper. My love to everyone.”

“I will,” Rory promised, and Win felt reassured that when The Last Centurion promised a thing, that thing was made to happen.

Then the holovid winked out, and she sat there for a moment, managing not to cry.

She paused, then rose, and approached the bar, where Tessa stood, bewilderedly rocking the sleeping Jude. (Jasmine, exhausted by the flight over, was curled up asleep in a booth with Rory’s lunchbox as a pillow.) Gingerly, gratefully, Win accepted Jude back from her, mouthing thank you.

Tessa shook her head and reached for a bottle of Jameson. She figured drinking on the job would be forgivable, considering the circumstances.

The world was getting eaten by bodachs, and she’d been made to cradle a child. Not that she misliked children overmuch, but her experience with them wasn’t especially extensive. 

She hadn’t been able to get ahold of either Volya or Rurik. But they were fine, right? They had to be. As infuriating bastards as they could be, they were tough.

“So,” she murmured softly so as not to jostle the babby, filling up one of the glasses she’d cleaned earlier, “what’s th’ plan?”

Win glanced at Sally as Sally joined them, pocketing her phone as she did so, and then spoke so both women could hear her.

“For now, we wait.”

“We are The Girls Who Waited.”

And then she emphasized, because even though she had children to keep safe, she also had a husband to save: “For now.”

thecleverlittlesparrow, a-girl-named-rose, mypreferenceissilurian entered Versailles

 Hands clasped in front of her, Jeanne had taken to wandering the royal gardens outside the palace. It was a rather nice day out, hardly a cloud in the sky. So of course she had been told to carry a parasol with her. 

 Stopping a way in, she brought a rose to her lips, letting the petals brush over her skin before taking in it’s distinct scent. The carefree atmosphere made the gardens one of her favorite places in the palace, and it showed from the smile that graced her lips.

 Seeing someone ahead at a crossroads, she made her way to them, extending the parasol in case it was an official. It wouldn’t do for her fair skin to burn. 

 ”Bonjour,” Reinette called out, not recognizing the uniforms of a guard from the clothes they wore. “Are you lost?”

Drabblocalypse, Dramatis Personae: "Series 4 Theme."

Primary Cast:

  • drthetasigma10 - Lonely survivor of The Last Great Time War, The Doctor walks in eternity and infinity as a Time Lord. The clock is ticking down on one of his many lives, and he seeks only peace before the end.
  • tessabrogan - A stalwart and rambunctious descendant of ancient nature spirits, Belfast native and London bartender Tessa Brogan is a zoanthrope, a Therian, whose animal side is that of a Fennec Fox.
  • wininthetardis - The half-angel Nephilim called Winter (Cardwell-Smith) Harvey lives an interesting life– whether that’s a charm or a curse is a matter of opinion. She lives with her burgeoning family in a TARDIS parked in London and runs a bakery called Theory. 
  • indestructigirl - Undying, near-ageless, regenerative, the one-time cheerleader named Claire Bennet no longer needs anyone to save her. After a thousand years of Life, The Universe, and Everything, she’s reunited with her old friend The Doctor in order to remind herself of from whence she’s come.
  • richparkerwashere - Richard Parker, Jr. is New York City’s Amazing Spider-Man, though not the one with whom you might be familiar. A parallel timeline woven with our own, faces he’s known and loved may not know or love him back.
  • themasterofwhat - Most infamous of the rogue Time Lords, The Master has long been The Doctor’s foremost rival and antagonist. In the face of his inexplicably surviving countless deaths and two trips through The Time War, The Master’s madness has taken on new dimensions, the percussions and repercussions of which are still being sounded out.
  • romanaofheartshaven - Former Lady President of The Time Lords exiled from The Time War by those who would save her life, Romana the Fifth’s keen intelligence and cool reserve now serve her well as Scientific Advisor and Special Attaché to UNIT in Great Britain, a position The Doctor held once upon a time.
  • silverouroborosrising - Sent out to survey the cosmos by The Time Lords, the beautiful explorer and sneak thief extra-extraordinaire known as The Seventh Corsair may yet be spared the Hell that is The Last Great Time War.
  • istilldontdowood - Given a Time Lady form by arcane extraterrestrial tech wielded by a mad scientist’s henchman, Jane Smith was first a sonic screwdriver lost by The Tenth Doctor. Since then she’s been trying to make a life in modern-day New York City, punctuated by her reunion with her missing Time Lord.
  • boundwithflames - Aidan “Dani” Colton is a half-demon Cambion, trying to come to terms with the darkness of her origins and destiny whilst using sword and spade and gun to hunt the worst supernatural creatures that plague humanity, occasionally side-by-side with The Doctor.
  • kindledbyheart - Joan’s death at the foot of The Cliffs of Dover in 1816 sent her not into oblivion but into a strange and lovely purgatory. Emerging therefrom back to life, she finds herself in a 21st Century that’s left her behind, with only her gift for clockwork to provide her sustenance and relevance in an increasingly bewildering Universe.
  • siobhancrossworlder- Author and curio shopgirl Evelyn Alvar has a secret: she can astrally project an alternate form of herself (pseudonymmed “Siobhan”) out into time and space. With the help of The Doctor and her warden/mentor Alice Deva, she learns bit-by-bit of her true nature and how it intertwines with the earliest history of The Time Lords.
  • thecleverlittlesparrow - Having skirted The Doctor’s existence in an adventure against the menacing Weeping Angels, Sally Sparrow now carves herself out a domestic life with her boyfriend(?) Larry. But once having orbited The Doctor, one never wholly escapes his gravity…
  • copperknickershelix - Onetime Companion of The Doctor and arguably the very best of his friends, a beautiful and terrible alchemy gave Donna Noble an intellect even more dizzying than that of The Doctor himself, but at the cost of her sanity and well-being. Now having been made to forget her fantastic time at his side and thereby returned to “normal,” Donna lives a comfortable life with a loving husband and the winnings of a mysterious lottery ticket.
  • asktheunionjackblonde - Long thought lost for a second time behind the walls of a parallel world, Rose Marion Tyler has ever held The Doctor’s hearts in one hand and the fate of Reality in the other…

Supporting Cast:

  • Jenny - The Doctor’s Daughter, progenated by 61st-Century technology and separated from her father by time and space and death, she seeks the thrill of adventure and a place to belong.
  • Captain Jack - A mysterious cat named not for the legendary Time Agent, despite popular misconception, but a certain Johnny Depp character; he travels with Jenny as a Companion on her quest.
  • Alice Deva - A member of the time-aware race of Aetheryns, Alice bitterly strives against her species’ near-extinction in the wake of The Time War and seeks to guide and guard her people’s last hope: the Crossworlder called Evelyn.
  • The Brigadier - Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, UNIT commanding officer in Great Britain and one of The Doctor’s most stalwart and longest-allied Companions, he currently works closely with Romana the Fifth in defending The Earth.
  • Kimber McLeod - Ace UNIT staffer with a genetic edge, Kimber Mac works as an archivist and liaison officer with other supernormal law enforcement and investigation agencies– and occasionally with The Doctor –very much your go-to gal to be in the know.
  • …and others…