thechunkyknitter said: I’m in your same boat. Just waiting for this baby to come. I hate it when the contractions stop. It tears down the hopes. :(

You’re near your due date though right? I’m just 35 week :( that’s why I’m confused ha. As much as I would love to meet my baby early, I really want to make sure that they’re as developed and healthy as they can be first.  Hope your beautiful baby comes soon xx

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Wow. From tumblr I thought he was this super rock…

This is a post specifically about the bad things he has done. I personally hate John Green a lot, but it’s worth mentioning that a lot of teenagers are inspired by him and that he’s done a lot of charity work. This isn’t meant to inspire any hate in him but to explain things that he has done that are wrong and should be pointed out and criticized. 

Knitting Give Away #1: Update

My three winners have all decided on the gifts that they want! I’m really excited to get started on this. All three of them have requested something that requires me to try out something new or something that I need more practice on! 

Last night, I cast on the gift for thechunkyknitter. She’s asked for some convertible mittens. (The sort where the top opens up to make a fingerless glove.) The pattern I found is awesome, and I hope she loves them. I won’t be posting pictures (even of the work in progress) until she receives them in the mail. (I want this to be a surprise, after all!) 

So excited!