I am having a great struggle understanding why people are reading a book in which two guys sleep in the same bed, roll around in a field practically dry humping, get jealous of each other with girls, have not even subtle D/S themes in their relationship, use the words “I love you”, one of them cums while thinking about the other, they start casually dating the same girl and then all sleep in the same bed after one fucks her and think “this is queerbaiting”

I’m honestly more insulted that a friends to lovers scenario for queer youth is not considered “queer enough” than anything. I’m also extremely confused about what they think is straight guy behavior if they read the scenes above and walked away thinking no one was in love with anyone else.

Like…. does that read like no one is having a gay panic and no one is responding to that gay panic with a power move? Becauseeeee


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Literally tore myself down this year, still rebuilding 🏌

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hello there!! if possible, can you explain the significance of the sterek "an abomination" scene?? like is it just so popular bc they look at each other all ♡__♡ or somethin else?

Ah, I thought it was a cool scene because I felt like Derek, who feels like hunters/etc have always called werewolves monsters, who is currently in a place where he’s insecure about himself, an Alpha with a newly bitten pack, trying to figure out this kanima situation, and to Derek at this point he’s never met a human outside his family group who knew about the werewolf situation and wasn’t afraid, or someone who didn’t think that they were monsters. 

Here Stiles is clearly saying that the kanima is an abomination, that something went wrong with the normal werewolf process, normalizing the werewolf and “othering” the kanima. So I think the look is a moment of Derek’s silent appreciation and thanks. And shock, too. Like, thinking, hey, you don’t think I’m a monster. 

There’s a lovely gifset and commentary by thechronicleofshe​ on this moment.


Chas Kramer - Angel

So I just rewatched Constantine. I never really liked it except for the parts with Chas, Gabriel and Lucipher. But after the movie was done, I let the credits roll and walked into the kitchen for food. I came back, the credits were over and this scene happened. WAS THIS ALWAYS THERE?!?! Ive seen this movie so many times. HOW DID I MISS THIS?! Angel Chas is so awesome, I really wanted him to say something smart, but I’ll take what I can get.