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In no particular order

@myheartmadeknown @deadcourt @surrenderedflawstothefire @skeletonchanel @songofherselff @graceandcaffeine @thefrenchmajor @dreamingafterdaybreak @forestofcats @freshairandspearmint @downpoursofmoonlitraindrops @amadgirlandherblog @morningbellsprout @brokenheartedrescue @foritiswell @thechristopherglen @i-am-a-difference-maker @amostbeautifulsolitude @savvybaud @sinceritism @keepthoseeyespeeled @gift-enough @poco-girasole @songbirddd @honorificabilitudinitatability @lifted-away @drewler12 @hewhoexplores @rylee-nicole @mc-hadley @adarlingtwentysomething @kadesaidwhat @relentlessandimperfect @herquestforauthenticity @laureningalvy @shortiemcshortshortz @stephaniegraceofficial @cuervos-y-lirios @its-a-beautiful-night @clothed-in-strength-and-honour @x-lionheart-x @ninjakd @melaniejoyous @the-christy-files @srocq @rebecca-dearest @heldinhishands @chellygoose @christ-be-all-around-me @spread-lovelikefire @nswaus @danimotown @rejoicing-always @thedeathofmyredlizard @youhavewonme @anxietayylmao @rootedinhope @wordsfallingapart @myhopeisjesus @lindacasperina @ocean-chasing @sarahkatieee @agrainonthebeach @live-oncoffeeandflowers @poiul123 @her-last-bow @mchw1115 @bretterdayz @alilynnw @rawkfist @favour-andgrace @chacosandjesus @four-fires @gaycinnamonrolldad @foreverbeingmadebeautiful @nowsaynothingelse @loveydoveyy-kisskiss @theycallme-hales @lasciate-ogni-speranza @theinsideofmybrain @whosesandwich

All of you have made this horrible year a little bit better for me and I can’t even begin to thank you enough for that. 

May you all have a blessed New Year and an even better 2017.

Much love <3 

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend some Christian blogs for me please? The only religious person I follow is you, and I would love to see more religion on my dash!

Sure!! Some disclaimers:

  • A lot of the Christians I follow don’t post exclusively Christian things, as a lot of them are personal blogs.
  • Some of these people come from different faith traditions.
  • This isn’t an exhaustive list, because I realized there are a LOT, but I love seeing all of these people on my dash!
  • Also, italics means people that are either in seminary or enjoy reading and posting theology…for those who are super into that.

 So in order from blogs I’ve followed the longest to most recent:

graceandfire (this is the blog that me and wearenotlonghere corun) * marcphun * guidedthroughmountains * yeahmicah * thechristopherglen * yesdarlingido / asklaurenbritt * ramsesprashad * blakebaggott * jspark3000 * squaresush (this is my sister) * yourcraysisterinchrist * joshuadparker * revelation19 * a-soul-restored * thisishowiknowwhatloveis * caffeinatedgingers * foundworthy * danielalaa * coarseheart * standingonhispromisesazurechanel * srocq * lady-wanderer * noahbattles * thedeathofmyredlizard * rejoicing-always * caston-mylove * rebecca-dearest * letloveprosper * christ-elle * theologyfromraleigh * thesparrowsong * heshallpurify * protanopia * proverbs31v25

Thankful Look in the Rearview Mirror

I don’t really know what to say as far as the quality or the growth of 2013. I feel a bit blind to my own life in a lot of regards.

But one thing I’m not blind to, at least not as blind to, is the people and moments and things that I was really blessed with and that tangibly added to my joy and my faith throughout the last year. This list is incomplete and not exhaustive, so please do not take offense or read too much into it.

  1. I am thankful for Haley. I don’t know why she continues to stay around as my friend because I sure wouldn’t with the way I’ve abused it. For a year now, she’s listened to me whine and complain and theorize and overthink and generally disagree with every single thing she tells me (hint: i’m just trying to get you to convince me past my own fears). Still, she stuck around. She asks me for advice or my thoughts on things like advice anons or the male perspective, she compliments my talents and skills, she points me back to the cross and her heart breaks for my broken heart. What a rare find.
  2. I’m thankful for Lesley and Cody (and Matt). I was fortunate enough to spend a week with these kids in Ohio, and I wish I would have devoted myself more to time with both of them because they stuck around and still considered me worth knowing and loving when nobody else did. Then I got to see Lesley again, and meet Matt for the first time (cuddling included) on a spontaneous road trip. I’m glad they’re still my friends even after my Huskers handed them their first home loss since 2010 :) I hope I can hold onto these three forever.
  3. I’m thankful  for online friendships becoming real. By my count last night, in 2013 I have met 33 people in real life that I started relationships with through tumblr. Some of those relationships have ended and been fractured, but the ones that matter still exist and to be able to embrace brothers and sisters that you love is the way the world was originally created. I loved getting Cold Stone with Rod, dancing and eating with Breanna (thanks for holding my water and taking that awesome picture of me! <3), eating B-Dubs with Matt and Lesley, playing guitar with Cody, watching Ramses take pictures of himself and having him pray over me, taking selfies at the bean in Chicago with Ann Marie, Jadi testing my hat size whilst incomplete on my head at Starbucks, popping deuces and duckfaces with Falyn, and every other moment with all the rest of you. I hope I get to meet even more of you moving forward.
  4. I’m thankful for selfless hearts. I’ve never received as much personal mail as I did this year. I’ve never been so tangibly blessed on a birthday than I was this year (thanks for the shoes Jonnie they are seriously so awesome). When I was hurting financially, you guys sent me some money. When my backpack got stolen, you guys replaced the books I never got to read (thank you Moriah and Nicole). Even small things like Matt buying me breakfast at U of M, even non-tangible things like Ann Marie opening her house to me and Ella and Courtney calling me on a 15 hour road trip to keep me company, and big things like Lesley paying for my ticket to the game, I have been humbled and inspired to love better by receiving love from you all. Shoutout to Falyn for being the first though, with her bomb ass care package complete with snickerdoodles, gushers, mix cd’s and spider-man duct tape.
  5. I’m thankful for redeemed relationships with brothers. For some reason I just have a tough time with relationships with other men. Even on here, I am so quick to judgment towards guys I don’t know and I’m not entirely sure why, but God works through and around that. I started off thinking this “blakebaggott” character was annoying and self-righteous and generally insufferable. Turns out he’s an intelligent and articulate thinker with a heart that doesn’t grow weary and bears good fruit, and now I think we can both say that the other is one of the most cherished relationships we each have through this dumb site. Same thing with “musiqchild007” - he was profane and disrespectful to people and I tried following him once but the beyonce spam was too much for me. Somewhere along the line Jesus decided that wasn’t going to fly. Truthfully I don’t even remember how/when Jherrel and I started talking and diving into friendship with each other, but God’s taken that rocky start and turned it into the strongest bond I have with any man in person or online. And I got to spend a day with him in the flesh. These are just the biggest two examples. The laughs of my relationship with Rod, being able to related to in my relationship with Christopher, the occasional friction but the mutual love in my relationship with Micah, the respect I get in my relationship with shmapey, the everything in my relationship with Jake, the iron sharpening iron in my relationship with Nick, the joy and laughter of my relationship with Marc, and so many more of you that I have been blessed by. You’re not overlooked or forgotten.
  6. I’m thankful for being pursued. I’m mainly looking at you, Asian Dan the Man, and you, Darren, and you, shmapey. You guys see something in me that I do not see in myself over 2013 and even though I have virtually nothing to offer you right now, you continue to come to me, encourage me, and pour yourselves out. Whether it’s money, a phone case, cookies (not the best ever), cards, phone calls and prayer, or whatever else, you and others have cushioned my hurt and my loneliness more than I can explain. Eric, Jonathan, Samuel and Brian, this applies to you guys too. Thank you for thinking I’m worth your time and not giving up.
  7. I’m thankful for lovely sisters. How many amazing women are on this site? Chelsea has continuously listened to me and shared her life with me despite being warned not to, Lesley has maintained our friendship despite so many justifiable reasons she wouldn’t have to, Courtney got children in Uganda to wish me happy birthday, Ella allows me to speak into her life not knowing she speaks into mine even more, Tiffany is so complimentary and edifying with her words, Catherine called me a “10” and keeps me in check with every element of her sass and spunk, Falyn is a real-life snapchat, Emma has the deepest depths of passion and praise in her bones, Olivia sometimes likes my selfies and is just a solid rock of consistency that rubs off on you, Maerin and Victoria allow me to play ‘big brother’ and appreciate me and are thankful in it, Becca is the most adorably affectionate woman I’ve ever experienced, Katie is a handful but of the absolute best stuff you could hope for in a woman, Brittany is such a fighter and refuses to be beaten or stricken, Lauren is straight out of a pinterest board and the most elegant and artistically gifted woman I know, Lauren is wise beyond her years but still grounded and looks at me from eye level and Holly and I are separated twins of different ethnicities we have so much in common. I know I left so many of you genuinely incredibly wonderful women (and more importantly sisters) off of here, but don’t think I don’t recognize or see you. I do.
  8. I’m thankful for words. You guys are so lavishing with words. The inquiring anons, the uplifting fan mails, the prayers when I and my friends/family need them most, the flooded inbox that I forget to respond to when I post all of my hurt publicly. Words are my first love language and it’s safe to say that I feel loved here.
  9. I’m thankful for the negatives. I’m not just thankful for the positive stuff. I’m thankful for the people that didn’t think I was worth fighting for. I’m thankful for the fractured relationships of people leaving. I’m thankful for the hateful words spoken over me. I’m thankful for the sabotaged plans and undermined intentions. I love you all still, more than you love me if you even do, and I have learned from you. I’m still learning, and sometimes the things that have happened still hurt me, but I deserve better than you people and those situations, and so do you. 
  10. I’m thankful for redemption and grace. I’m not a finished product. I’m not anything pretty right now. If you knew all the skeletons I’m hiding even at 10:52am on December 31st, you’d shudder. But you’re still here. You’re still pouring. You’re still gifting. You’re still speaking. You’re still forgiving. You’re still encouraging and uplifting and inspiring and not giving up on me. You’re all golden.

Thank you.

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”

CS Lewis, I love you more with each passing year. 

Thinking less of yourself is a concept that totally pervades Christianity, but I really don’t think it’s a good place to start. Simply thinking less of yourself means nothing, and the people who are best at it are the most depressed, guilty, and deluded ones out there. The Gospel does not begin with a lowly man. It begins with a great and majestic God. Now some will say that a lowly man automatically follows that, but I don’t think so. I think a man who realizes that he is redeemed will actually view himself higher than the man who doesn’t. The one who isn’t redeemed may talk like he believes he’s great, but the man who’s been redeemed KNOWS beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is great, because the universe’s ultimate Greatness has remade him in His image and chosen to call him His own. The person who really knows he is great, will know that no one and nothing is worthy of his praise besides God Almighty. He will know what a horrible thing it is for him to bow before money, food, society, or the thoughts of other people. He’ll understand how vain everything else is for him in comparison with the mystery of knowing Jesus. He’ll understand that bitterness, depression, eating disorders, drugs, gossip, and mind-numbing entertainment are not worthy of his soul. His understanding of the greatness of God will revolutionize and heighten his understanding of himself to such a degree that he will hardly be able to think anymore about any of the things that have held him as a slave. His understanding will free him to contemplate Greatness and to behold Beauty and Truth in ways that cause him to totally forget “himself”. And he will be a more egotistical, humble person than he’s ever been before.

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It’s hump dayyyyy! lol

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August 14th, 2013.

……. it’s Black & White Wednesday, guys.

Take it away, Lauren.

thechristopherglen  asked:

Who would be five people in all of history that you'd love to have a discussion with? And what would you like to discuss most? I hope this question is "juicy" enough for you!

1. Jesus. I wish I could be more descriptive but I’d love to discuss everything with Him.

2. C.S. Lewis.. Would love to seek his advice and encouragement as God blessed him with such an ability to assist others through his words.

3. Sylvia Plath. I would love to watch her write and hear her speak in normal conversation. Also, I wish so badly that I could console her in her sorrow and share the love of Him with her. Imagine the even more wonderful Christian literature and poetry we’d have if someone with such a beautiful mind as hers had lived her life in the pursuit of Christ.

4. I would love to discuss art with Pablo Picasso (and a billion other deceased artists) and draw all sorts of inspiration from him.

5. I’d love to sit down and have a casual conversation with Johnny Cash. Wowee, that’d be excellent (even though I’m really quite lousy at casual conversation).


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Favorite blogs?

Okay, you asked for it. In no particular order:

@laureningalvy @reflamed @thepowerinsideyou @surrenderedflawstothefire @skeletonchanel @secretofthetrees @dreamingafterdaybreak @freshairandspearmint @brokenheartedrescue @thechristopherglen @thecollectorofworlds @god-lovin-artist @lifted-away @lifeofpraise @hewhoexplores @mchw1115 @mc-hadley @kadesaidwhat @adventuretimewithyeshua @clothed-in-strength-and-honour @x-lionheart-x @melaniejoyous @girl-with-god @srocq  @iknowthedrill @rebecca-dearest @heldinhishands @chellygoose @christ-be-all-around-me @spread-lovelikefire @kynehalliforn @thedeathofmyredlizard @coarseheart @rootedinhope @lindacasperina @nightingalesigh @myhopeisjesus @whosesandwich @ocean-chasing @curtisanthonytaylor @sarahkatieee @sanctifymyheart @agrainonthebeach @live-oncoffeeandflowers @rejoicing-always @rawkfist @nswaus @taylorswift @youhavewonme @thisishowiknowwhatloveis @chacosandjesus @four-fires @sarcasticmomsquad @ke-nosis @clubathletica @caseyneistat @foreverbeingmadebeautiful @reversed-keys @loveydoveyy-kisskiss @amys-alpaca-farm @theycallme-hales @poiul123 @her-last-bow @capsolos @grav3yardgirl @hikesbikesandbeta @ambearfbgm @lasciate-ogni-speranza @fuckyeahcycling @bretterdayz @theinsideofmybrain @architizer @cyclistthings @its-a-beautiful-night

This is my best go at an exhaustive list. I love you all.