Wrecked and Ruined || thechocolate-king

Matt had tended Mello’s wounds before – notably when Mello had held blatant disregard for his own safety and had blown himself up – but this was different. Matt worriedly knelt on the ground beside Mello, applying antiseptic to the scrapes and road rash. 

“For a genius,” Matt said, tenderly wrapping a bandage around Mello’s leg, “you can be a real idiot, you know that?”

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It was late into the evening when Mello returned from… whatever it was he’d been doing, Matt hadn’t really been paying attention (he’d been trying to beat Metroid when Mello was explaining, so his attention was pretty much solely on his game). Still, Matt wasn’t busy now, just lounging on the sofa with his laptop, fingers flying over the keyboard as he scrolled through various videos that he’d collected on the Amane girl. 

“Hey,” he said. “You’re back later than I expected. How’d it go?”