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“Finally, I’ve been waiting for you for nearly half and hour, mister,” she said walking up to the man in the bow tie. “You know, for a Time Lord, you’re quite lacking when it comes to punctuality. You should know better than to make me wait, clever boy, but I guess I can find a way for you to make it up to me.”

She grabbed his face and kissed him like she had done so many times before, but something was off. She pulled back, frowning. 

“You are not The Doctor. What are you? Are you a shapeshifter?”

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Ah, I see more and more of you Doctor everyday. Starting to really get on my nerves. But who’s this blonde with you? Already met one blonde. Can stay away from them, can you?

And you, the odd one out. I don’t believe you’re from around here, correct?  Well, so long as you’re not working with the Doctor, you can stay.

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Dear dad

((Since Jenny has role played with multiple Doctors I will choose and tag those who had the biggest impact-those tagged are not meant they are better than others, these are just role plays I like at the moment. So these will be a series of letters in order of Doctor (this includes OC/ AU Doctors too.)))

Dear Dad,

One of the worst feelings a daughter has is knowing she doesn’t have much approval from her father. I’m not saying you’re a bad father. I’m not saying I hate you. What I am saying is I understand where you are coming from, as your daughter. I just wish I could make you happy again. You just need to tell me how.

Dear Dad

You are funny and sweet, and very goofy raggedy man, that most daughters would think it would so weird to be proud as I am of you. You love to be yourself and you know so much knowledge. I truly find you to be an amazing man. You are brilliant, and so is your lovely wife; who needs to teach me some shooting. But I want to leave you with this; Remember that you’re not the horrible man you sometimes make yourself out to be. You make people better; not worse.

Dear Dad,

You found me and save me; and you’re constantly showing you truly care. I love you; you’re my dad, and you know how to make me smile- I am very hopeful for some future adventures. You’re one brilliant Doctor.

((I know this took awhile to respond to Anon, I had quite a few replies I need to get to. sorry for the delay.)

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((‡ Either one of blogs are fine. c: I just used this one because I was on this one.))

thechildandthetheif: Blog layout is a standard, general blog, which I prefer over some of the more intriquite themes that make finding anything a pain. 

I haven’t seen too much of your River and the Doctor, but I think it’s a neat idea to put them on the same blog and watch them answer stuff together. I honestly can’t wait to have Rose meet River, since she’ll be so jealous at first. xD 

Your rping is wonderful. Keep up the great work. This blog is a must-follow for you all.

If you came in my room we would….

  • [x] cuddle and watch disney movies
  • [x] have a pillow fight
  • [x] sleep
  • [] fuck
  • [] How the….gtfo!

I would kiss you on…

  • [] neck
  • [x] cheek
  • [] lips
  • [x] forehead

I would let you sleep on…

  • [x] My bed 
  • [] floor 
  • [] bathroom
  • [] Lemme show you to the door.
  • [] me ;)

I rate you….

  • [] 1-4
  • [] 5-7
  • [x] 8-10 
  • [] Beyond Perfect 

I would ______ you…

  • [] Fuck
  • [x] Hug
  • [] Kiss
  • [] Date 
  • [x] Play video games with

You are:

  • [x] Cute
  • [x] Adorable
  • [] Beautiful
  • [] Sexy
  • [] askjdgfj

If you kissed me I would:

  • [x] Kiss you back 
  • [] Be shocked
  • [x] Smile and laugh
  • [] Push you away
  • [] Slap you

If you asked me out I would say:

  • [] No 
  • [x] Yes

Can we cuddle?

  • [] No thank you
  • [x] Yes please


  • [x] No thank you
  • [] Yes please
  • [] Now. Right now. My bed. Hurry.