Best Valentine’s Day ever!
Matt treated me to his restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory!
We arrived at 11:10ish and it usually opens at 11:30. However, they let us in early c:
It was so surprising when I met all of Matt’s managers in one day omg they are so tall.
The people who work there are really nice people, and they seated us at the biggest booth that usually seats 5-6 people ^^
We ordered Spinach dip, hibachi steak, and freshed grilled salmon. For dessert, we had banana creamu cheesecake LEL.
After we ate dessert, I pulled out my present to him behind my back and gave him my cheesy speech ~
I gave him a matching paopu fruit necklace from kingdom hearts because it’s one of our favorite games (:
It even has our initials on it ~

Afterwards, we walked to Downtown Disney and windowshopped ~
It was super crowded but it was really fun ^^
We watched two ducks in a pond for like 30 minutes LOL
We went home to his place and chilled for a bit and I went home ~

Ahhhhhh thank you Matt for everything. I appreciate everything you do for me. I love you so much and I hope you also had a great time (: