Louis sat in his desk at the front of the class listening to a girls History presentation. “Very good Alexandra! Now who’s next hmmm, Mason! How about you?” he said calling on the boy goofing off in the middle row. He raised his eyebrow at him waiting for his response. 

Scott and Harry ll Desirous

Harry was meeting Scott for the first time, and he was nervous. He bit his lower lip and looked into the mirror, tossing his hair around for a few moments, trying to tame his curls. Moments later, he gave up and grabbed his keys making his way towards his car. He looked down at his phone for a moment, studying an address.He typed it into the GPS on his phone, and followed the directions that were given.

Moment’s later, he found himself out side of the apartment, and found his way up to Scott'  knocking on the door and rocking back and forth on his heels nervously.