A matter of trust

Spencer was excited to do trust exercises with Charlie.  It was the one part of the trip he really felt that Charlie could benefit from.  Perhaps Charlie did not see it that way, but so far Spencer had benefited from his trip.  Besides his panic attack the previous day.  Spencer still had high hopes.  No panic attacks today.  He was going to do trust exercises, be on a paintball team with Julian Larson.  He had even decided to ask Laura to race him through the obstacle course at the end of the day.  Perhaps that would ease some of the tension between the two.  After all, in his mind Laura was going to be his maybe future sister-in-law.  He had to find a way for the two to get along.  

With that all in mind, he walked through the camp looking for Charlie. 

Visiting Charlie

Spencer brought his sketch pad, and his charcoals, and a potted plant.  The plant, he hoped would cheer up Charlie.  He doubted the sketching would.  Spencer just liked to take advantage of any opportunity that presented himself to draw another person.  After all, practice made perfect. 

Charlie visits Spencer

Spencer decided that he would try to tidy his room for Charlies’ visit.  That way it didn’t look like a whirlwind had hit it with random half finished work, everywhere.  He had made that decision until he found his sketch of Charlie, fast asleep, peaceful.  He decided that it wasn’t quite finished, not to the point that he liked it, and started working on it again. He got totally consumed with the sketch.