I’m going to make this sweet, short, and simple. Jonathan Good aka Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose did what people thought he couldn’t do. He, He worked his entire wrestling career for this moment. I’ve never been so proud of him in my entire life. He saved me in 2003, We saved him. I’ve supported this man from the beginning and you can bet your last dime that I’ll continue supporting him till the day I die. We failed with him. We cried with him. We supported him. We laughed with him. We cheered with him. We’ve done everything with this man and only those who truly understand, will be able to relate. 


I finished my first scene using the replacement mouths I made and I’m SO HAPPY with how they worked! I’ll admit I was a little worried since it was my first time making and using mouths for lipsynch but I think it turned out fantastic and I’m super excited to do more! 

At least 90% of the latte art you’ve seen on this blog has been from this man: Matt “The Champ” Barahura. Matt is a certified barista trainer and a co-founder of the San Diego Coffee Network. He is moving on to work for James Coffee Co. and the Bean Bar. We will miss him and wish him the best of luck. 


Last night I had quite a few people ask me how much my film was costing me. I estimated about $50 plus another hundred to cover the extra mold making stuff I needed to buy when I had a problem and needed to redo a bunch of them. So about $150. Today I took some time to actually go through the list of supplies I had to go out and buy and figure out how much everything cost and where I got it, which might be helpful for other students when planning out their own films.

DISCLAIMER: I work at DeSerres so I absolutely took advantage of my employee discount, which was a big help at 35% off

armature wire - $20 - DeSerres
foam (thin) -  $4 - Len’s Mill Warehouse
foam (thick) - $7 - Walmart
foam (under wrap) -  $4 - Sport Check 
Glue dots - $4 - DeSerres
Super77 spray glue - $14
Super glue - $4.9 - DeSerres
Elmer’s Rubber Cement  (2) - $4
Glue sticks - $2 - DeSerres
Printable shrink plastic-  $14 after a 50% off coupon (6pack, used 2 sheets)
Plastic jars - $10 - Curry’s
Paper cups (2 sleeves) - $2 - Dollarama
Latex free gloves (2 packs) - $2 - Dollarama
Airbrush paint - $6.5 - DeSerres
dragonball miniatures - $2 - Value Village
large foam core sheets (2) - $4 - DeSerres
set screws - around $7 for 100 - Bolt and Nut Supply
custom fabric - $20 - Spoonflower
express shipping on fabric- $25
other fabric/thread- $7 - Len’s Mill Warehouse
Liquitex spray paint - $8 - DeSerres
OOMOO Silicone / Smooth Cast 300 - approx $150 - Sculpture Supply Canada
Quick set epoxy - $5 - DeSerres
Cost to print posters - $2 - Grenville
rare earth magnets - $7 - Lee Valley Tools


I was pretty lucky in a lot of ways that I already had or had access to a lot of the things I needed to fabricate all my stuff:

hack saw
drill press
drill bits/ taps
sewing machine
straight pins
aluminum blocks
square brass stock
airbrush paints
liquid latex
thin metal plate (for inside bed)
scrap foamcore (for set walls)
scrap balsa wood (for bed/dresser/shelf)
acrylic paint
super sculpey
magicians wax
some rare earth magnets
allen key
plumbers epoxy
mat spray finish
olfa blades