“Mike Tyson Fighting A White Tiger.” #MikeTyson #IronMike #IronMikeTyson #TheChamp

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I’m going to make this sweet, short, and simple. Jonathan Good aka Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose did what people thought he couldn’t do. He, He worked his entire wrestling career for this moment. I’ve never been so proud of him in my entire life. He saved me in 2003, We saved him. I’ve supported this man from the beginning and you can bet your last dime that I’ll continue supporting him till the day I die. We failed with him. We cried with him. We supported him. We laughed with him. We cheered with him. We’ve done everything with this man and only those who truly understand, will be able to relate. 

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Excuses. They get in the way of our goals and reaching our full potential. It’s too early. I didn’t get enough sleep. I’m too sore from yesterday. I don’t have time. It’s too hot. It’s raining. Silence that voice in your head. Do the only thing you should be doing. Go TRAIN! @richfroning @thewodlife #crossfit #crossfitmotivation #crossfitinspiration #noexcuses #hardwork #hardworkpaysoff #thechamp #richfroningjnr #richfroning #rich #alldayeveryday #crossfitaustralia #thewodlife

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