I know i made a post like this a little while ago before school started but things are really rough right now..
Im in absolute need of binders
we are in no way shape or form in the place where we can afford a binder
Last time i made a post like this i only ended up getting enough for compression shorts (one pair) and i stopped reblogging it because i felt like that was enough for the time being
but now school has started and things are a lot different
In school I am 100% out, in general i am 100% out as trans and as of last week i started seeing an endocrinologist
im getting there but theres a problem
i have no binders whatsoever
the 2 that i had for about a year are completely useless, they are essentially regular tank tops now
Im a very very curvy- fat trans guy and it doesnt work out so well especially with a dd cup size
my chest is one of the biggest reasons why u cant pass and im misgendered on a daily basis
the misgendering and such has already started to make me miss school and if this continues im going to fail and have to repeat the year again.
I really need people to donate
i dont like to ask for money i really dont and its why i didnt do it a long time ago
im willing to draw things for people, follow them on here or ig or twitter or anything really
i really need people to donate
the email for donations is (its my moms)
please, if you can donate anything it would help so so much even a dollar or two helps more than you would think
if you cant donate please reblog this

No one knows

No one knows how hard it is to pretend you don’t care, when deep inside you want to break down and scream. No on knows how hard smiling is, when all you want to do is cry your heart out. No one knows how hard it is not to talk to that person when you miss him. No one knows how hard it is to pretend everything is okay, when your little world is crumbling into tiny bits. No one knows how hard it is to lie to that person, when deep down you want to tell him you love him. Yeah, no one knows how hard it is to be me.