Well I’m excited to see the 12th doctor and new episodes of doctor who so why not celebrate by throwing these tumblr awards yay

  • Must be following me!
  • Must reach 50 notes
  • Reblogs only - likes are for bookmarking
  • There could be runner ups dependant on notes
  • Ends August 22nd 
  • Results posted August 23rd
  • The 11th Doctor Award-Best URL
  • The Tardis Award-Best Theme
  • The Khaleesi Award-Best Creations
  • The Clara Oswald Award-Best Posts
  • The Sam Winchester Award-Best Title
  • The Dean Winchester Award-Best Icon
  • The Amelia Pond Award-Best Doctor Who
  • The Draco Award-Best Harry Potter
  • The Bilbo Award-Best Tolkien
  • The Castiel Award-Best Supernatural
  • The Molly Award-Best Sherlock
  • The Impala Award-Best Multifandom
  • The Rory Williams Award-Kindest blogger
  • The John Watson Awards-Rising Bloger(less than 700)
  • The Dragon Award-My personal favorite
  • A follow back from me
  • My love and friendship
  • Unlimited  promos for the month of August on request
  • A spot on by updates tab for August
  • If you want to be considered for the John Watson Award message me telling me how many followers you have
  • If you have any questions ask me :)

Hey guys so im extending the awards until august 30th :)

Do you guys hate me?Cause im going through all the blogs that applied for the cast networks and you all have amazing personalities and amazing blogs and its sooooooo hard to chose *bursts into tears* Why are you doing this to me?Im so indecisive 

So the cast network post reached 100 notes and that means that I will be choosing the members this weekend 3/21-23/14.You can still reblog the post because I will be adding more people every weekend and I havent chosen the members yet.So yeah just wanted to let you know.