I have chosen to believe that Jess is still alive and living happily with Sam somewhere

Jess wearing his sweaters, which are huge on her— so big that she wears them as dresses and teases Sam by swinging the sleeves at his head while he’s trying to study

Sam picking Jess up when they hug and twirling her around like a princess because she is one in his eyes

Jess teaching Sam how to cook, starting off with cookies but then making all the dishes he never got to try as a kid on the road but has always wanted to

Sam carrying Jess around the house when she’s tired or they’re having a silly day

Jess buying Sam headbands and hair ties for their anniversary as a joke because his hair is always in his eyes

Sam kissing Jess but always smiling halfway through because he’s just so happy to be with her


he’s a ghost [xa winter soldier bucky barnes fanmix

so young , so brazen , so unholy
i come to you in painted skies

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prompt: alice in chains - last of my kind

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