Bearskin prayer to Artemis

I sing to Artemis- a wail- a prayer of supplication

Wrap me in your bear skin

Save me, Goddess, from myself

A prayer for hibernation, for rest

Knees planted like trees arms raised like branches sorrow dripping like roots

Spring is coming but it is the dead of winter, all dead

Goddess protect me Goddess help me Goddess guard me


Hi friends and followers. A friend of mine is really struggling with self-love. He’s reached a point where he’s sick of it and willing to try anything, even this weird “polytheism” thing my wife and I have been doing for a little while. I thought that maybe working with/worshiping Aphrodite could help him get into a self-loving headspace. But, I don’t work with Aphrodite myself, and I haven’t done anything with Hellenic gods before.

So, now he’s asking about how to approach Aphrodite and try to start a relationship, and I don’t know exactly what to hell him. I need some advice!

@thecarvingwitch you are the only person who worships Aphrodite that I could think of off the top of my head. Please tag any others you know?

tumblr pagan poetry collection: Artemis

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month of written devotion (incomplete)

















So, I just reached 666 followers here, and over 300 on my pagan blog, @hellenicappalachia​, and I have some things to give away, so I wanted to do give some stuff away as a thank-you (and kind of to celebrate Heliogenna).


First prize:

  • Borderless Deviant Moon tarot deck, brand new (first picture)
  • small beeswax candles, rose petals, bay leaves (not pictured)

Second prize:

  • Copy of my book of devotional poetry, For Artemis (second and third pictures; the third is a picture of the book on @thecarvingwitch​‘s altar)

Third prize:

  • Bay leaves, rose quartz, owl candle, and a copy of Artemis Koruphaia, a poem previously released to people who bought the physical copy of my book  (not pictured)


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  • if this gets fewer than 150 notes we’re all going to pretend it never happened :D

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Something my ceramics teacher reminded me of

Gods are most often less what we want, and more what we need. Some people need love, some need tough love, some need a mentor/father/mother/whatever figure- and I, well, I need discipline.

So here’s to practice, worship, and learning *raises glass* may we make it through.

sombras-que-cortan  asked:

You said you had info about bone magic? Thanks for being the only person to reply to this by the way.

Sure thing! From what I understand, bones are used in all sorts of magical paths. Since they came from something that was once alive, they can be used to hold and channel power really well, and since bones “live” past the rest of the body, they can also be seen as a symbol for the soul. You can use the bones as a general talisman/magical enhancer, or you can use them to take on specific powers/attributes associated with the creature it comes from. Snake bones could be used to find wisdom or to curse, the bones of birds can help you travel through other realms or help interact with the spirits, etc. There are also bones (black cat bone, toad bone) that have really specific rituals and powers associated with them.

There are some people who have special rituals they perform in order to activate the bones before use so that they are at their full power, the most common of these being reddening or blackening the bones. For more info see this post:

I’ve also been taught a ritual for activating the bones that is quite different, but also more time consuming because you are supposed to gather the ingredients personally, and you can’t purchase them. The method is that you need to collect water from a stream against the current, and it has to be done at night as close to the dark moon as possible, by the light of a single consecrated candle. If at all possible, it should be done at night when it is overcast so that there is very little starlight as well. The idea behind this is that you are working against the natural path of life that leads to death, and instead bringing life to what is dead, so you need to collect against the current and with as little light as possible other than the “witchflame.” Anyways, the vessel you collect it in should be made from natural materials, and should be as dark in color as possible so as to let in as little light. Once you’ve collected a full jar/bottle, leave the place without looking back, and go straight home without taking any detours. Let the water sit, covered, in a dark place for three days. Once that’s done, you have to bring the water to a full boil three times, taking it off the heat and letting it completely cool each time it reaches a full boil. After the third time, prick the little finger of your left hand and add in some of your blood. After that, the water is prepared for use. To use it, you place the bone in the center of an equal armed cross drawn in powder or chalk (I’ve heard it done with black salt, corn meal, cremains, or ochre), with candles at each point to represent the cardinal points of the compass and the Crossroads. Once you place the bone there, you would speak incantations as you sprinkle the water slowly onto the bone until you are completely out of water. Then you would wrap the bone up in black fabric and store it in a dark place (like a box) until the next full moon. Once that time period is up, you can use it as you choose.

So I went to Mass today for ritual observation for my religious studies class, since I’d never been to a Catholic service.

It was only an hour long, but I’ll admit that I got bored halfway through and started playing with the candle flames. I kept imagining how funny it would be if I could make one go out, or suddenly poof up a bit, but I need more practice for that.

Also, I misheard the priest and thought he said “Bees be with you” and I had a moment of “O_O BEES??”