First camera review of 2014 - Nishika N9000

What attracted you to this camera: I had recently saw the Bring Me The Horizon - Shadow moses music video and wanted to find a way to make the technique.

How much?: I got this camera brand new on eBay for £20. The seller included free postage.

Testing this camera was certainly a unique experience, When loading the camera it goes against your intuitions as the camera shoots over two frames it feels like you are winding on forever. The manual recommends either 100 or 400 speed film, i loaded it with agfa vista 200 as i didn’t have any of the correct film. As i expected in the light conditions it didn’t do me any harm. The camera itself is easy enough to use a simple point and shoot unlike the N8000 it has no manual control at all.

Problems that arose: When i dropped the film of at the lab they hadn’t ever had experiences with half frame and cut through certain shots, so like the shots featured here i only had three shots to use to make my stereogram. It leaves a somewhat even look.

The only other problem i had was that i had no idea how to make a gif on photoshop so i used this video:

Sorry there wasn’t alot of content in this review im slowly getting back into it and have quite a few cameras to come 


Caffenol How to.

So a while back i promised i’d show everyone how to do “caffenol” development and the results it could bring once i had familiarised myself with the process. 

I’ve used a few different brands of coffee and vitamin c so i shall be showing uk readers brands that i can personally guarantee work for this process.

You will need:

Instant Coffee 

It is said the cheaper the better works for this process i personally found Sainsbury’s “Rich Roast” works rather well, another note when experimenting with this process is not to use decaffeinated coffee as it does not work in this process.

Vitamin C powder otherwise known as ascorbic acid. I had bought dispersible tablets as i was told from an unreliable source that they would work and i’ll clarify when i used them i had no results just a see through film. I was told that the tablets have sugars etc in them that mess with the results.

And washing soda, not to be confused with baking soda as apparently that is a common mistake when using this film, in the uk this particular brand can be found in the big four supermarkets to my knowledge and is normally about £1 a packet. In america i know most people who i’ve seen do this process use the arm and hammer brand. 



I’ve seen a lot of variation to recipe however i’ve found an almost average mesure that pops up consistently across the board which means its easy enough to google developing times.

400 Ml (12 oz) Water between 19-23 degrees

5 tsp Coffee

3 ½ tsp washing soda

½ tsp Vit C

I'd recommend putting the coffee in last as once you have poured in the coffee there is no going back you will not be able to see if everything has disolved. It is also advisable once everything is mixed to leave the developer to settle for five minutes then you are ready to develop. I’ve found dev times for almost every film i’ve needed online however it is not an exact science so you may end up making up your own dev times particularly with colour films as this process isn’t particularly suitable for them however yields interesting results. 

Once you have passed the developing stage pour the developer out, stop, fix and wash as usual.

This process takes time to learn and i havent completely mastered it yet so i’d advice using it on film that you are not desperate on seeing the final result. it is mainly an experiment and practice makes perfect.

If you have any questions feel free to ask box me :)

It's not to expensive!!

*sigh* i’m fed up of being told shooting film is more expensive as it is a full frame SLR i’d just like to point out a  Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR 24-105mm Kit costs £2,437.99. The average start up for a film enthusiast, an SLR usually about £50 a decent scanner £200 max. Then lets say on average shooting one roll a week. I spend on average £1 on my film i dont really use expensive stuff just standard Fuji C200 colour negative or agfa vista as they are the same thing. I then pay £2 for developing. so at a roll a week,  for a year that would be £156 then the average DSLR is replaced every three years so after three years my film camera would have cost me. £468 but including start up i’d have spent £718. I’m not saying film for me replaces digital but it’s hardly an extreme expense or inconvenience i know the amount of different cameras i own and things i take on may end up costing me more in the long run. However you are using a full frame slr for a fraction of the price… something has to be said for that.

A pinhole shot taken from my Harman TItan using Kodak Vericolor film. In the end after metering i settled on the exposure time of four minutes four seconds.

This film expired 3 months before I was born 21 years ago. I’d never heard of internegative film before I purchased a box. It’s safe to say i panicked when i was told I’d have to rate this film as ISO 6. However its safe to say i’ll need to give the film at least another stop of light next time i use it. however there is something to this shot that i like. Expired not retired. Self processed using a tetenal c-41 kit and a jobo processor.

Still trying to work out wether this film is just mega expired (21 years) underexposed or if i’ve accidentally loaded it backwards and red scaled the sheet. or if the chems are exhausted.

Film on a night out?

I recently developed a film from a night out i was on over a year ago where i took my minolta af-25 with me. But whilst i was out i was constantly asked the question of “why would you even bring a film camera to the pub?”

So i thought i’d make a wee post with a few reasons

  1. I’m pretty forgetful, if i were to bring an expensive digital point and shoot i very well may leave it lying around and someone either steals it or i forget to pick it up and thats that.
  2. People are afraid of film! Where in the image above you see my friend holding her friends camera, i left my film point and shoot lying on the table and it remained untouched all night as people often tell you “they don’t want to ruin your film” This means at the end of the night you go home with only the shots you wanted to see not a load of  pics of people you dont know etc.
  3. Pubs are a rather dangerous place for cameras, as much as we dont think it pubs can spell disaster for our beloved machines drunk people falling over, dropping them, spilling drinks on them, on one instance i’ve seen a camera thrown. If carrying a camera that  only cost a couple of pounds you can feel a tad safer if it doesn't make it home.
  4. It brings back nostalgia, digital photos are uploaded to facebook the following morning your friends look like and that is that the night is forgotten about. If you get the film processed a few weeks later they will have forgotten the evening and therefore there will be some nostalgic memories for them. You are also more likely to have prints made of analogue images, which will give your friends a chance to hold the image in their own hands.
  5. Film is cool, we are in an era where film has suddenly became popular again, your friends will get very exited if they see themselves on an analogue image as the look of film is being replicated religiously at the minute via sharing sites like instagram and apps like hipstamatic. Actually use film instead of faking it.

I hope you enjoyed my reasoning i personally think taking a film camera even a film disposable when out drinking is a good idea and its the way i plan to work in the future maybe next time it wont take me a year to process the images though.


a video explination on how to 35mm modify your holga. Please reblog and like/subscribe my YouTube channel i’ll keep trying to make more videos regularly.

Omega 4x5 Review

I’m still fairly new to large format photography which is obvious in the picture above the camera is actually mounted backwards on the tri pod which was pointed out later on. Anyway i spose i should do this review as i’ve owned the camera since october!

Price: I paid £199.99 for the camera a copal one 150mm f/4.5 lens and the owner threw in a super8 camera which i will probably stick on eBay or give to a friend at some point.

Problems: The way the camera was described i imagined it to be in perfect condition, however when it arrived i shone a light on the bellows to reveal that the camera was full of pinholes, however i overcame this problem quickly by using black electrical tape to make the camera light tight once again.

Test shot: The image above was the second attempt i’ve had at using the camera on monday, it's ridiculous that i’ve owned this camera since october and used it twice. However i took the camera to aberdeen beach, and the camera was an absolute breeze to use. All of the locks and catches etc worked well and held everything in place. I even had a go at moving the rear element in order to move the focal plane, as the film i used was unbranded ortho film i cannot find a dev time for it i decided to experiment with the caffenol recipe and i developed it at 20 degrees for 15 minutes. i’m extremely happy with this shot and the camera and over the space of the summer i plan to do some road trips etc to the mountains etc. 

The only downside is my beloved epson v500 is gonna have to go on sale to make way for something that can handle 5x4 negs.


This is one of those pictures i have a really strong emotional bond with.

  1. Kenny is one of the people on this world i feel closest to.
  2. This was a picture i took in memory of kenny proposing to my mum.
  3. This was the first roll i ran through my mamiya 645
  4. This was the first roll i developed im my kitchen over a year ago.
  5. This was the first roll i scanned on my V500

For the tech heads

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