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I was reading through your Toy Story facts, and I noticed you mentioned that Billy Crystal was approached to play Buzz Lightyear. I know this was forever ago but I couldn't resist adding to that! Not only was he approached to play the role but the animators were SO enamored with the idea of him playing the role that they animated a scene of him as Buzz speaking lines from "When Harry Met Sally." It can be found on youtube: /watch?v=CXf8e_YL0kE

Here is the original fact: [X] for those that are curious.

And that is too awesome awesome! Thanks for sharing the fact and the video!

Here is the clickable link to the video: [X]

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I tried to talk to my mom the other day about my asexuality, because she told me that my boyfriend and I lacked a "spark" and she was worried. When I tried to explain I heard, in no particular order, that there was something wrong with me, that asexuality isn't real, that I was being unfair to my boyfriend, that I should be checked or by a doctor, and that I probably just hadn't met the right guy yet. We've been dating three years and couldn't be happier, though, so we're doing something right

Your mom is so very wrong. I’m sorry she reacted like that! You are doing nothing wrong. If you and your boyfriend are happy together then you’re doing stuff right.


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You know, or you could go and get fucking tested because you’re not a licensed psychologist and even if you were, self diagnosing is a terrible idea because of a little thing called BIAS

Do remember that not everyone has the financial means or mental strength to go through with getting tested by a professional :)