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squealingfangirls asked:

PART 1:So I've been trying to play detective all morning on who Sardonyx could be b/c Rebecca said it was someone in plain sight. Sardonyx looks kinda like Jasper's design, orange with stripes. But I've also heard speculation that sardonyx=type of quartz, similar to the Rose Diamond theory, where sardonyx is yellow diamond. If thats the case then Jasper isn't Sardonyx because she directly references Yellow Diamond in The Return. But Jasper is a reasonable person 2 b Sardonyx, if its not ydiamond

PART 2: the other slim possibility is that she is (or is part of the cluster of) thecentipedle. We saw that the gem for the centipedle is similar to that of thebubbled cluster, so she could be somehow involves in the centipedle, orpossibly even in the cluster. But Jasper talks about Ydiamond as if she hasseen her recently, so that may take the centipedle/cluster out of the running ifydiamond and sardonyx are one in the same.

PART 3: there is also a very very slim chance of either ydiamond or sardonyx being the bubbled gem in lions mane/rose’s tree, but it seems that its without a doubt a bismuth gem, and could be a completely different gem altogether. What do you think? Are ydiamond and sardonyx one in the same, or different? And if she/they were to be a gem we’ve already seen, who could it (logically) be?

This is a really good analysis! However, the post saying “Rebecca said it was someone in plain sight” isn’t true. It’s from a joke blog that posts false information to trick the fandom. Sardonyx could literally be anyone or anything! We don’t have much to go off of other than we know the Week of Sardonyx is coming!