queenofthedragonslayers-deactiv  asked:

Share ten facts about yourself then send this to ten of your favorite followers :)

Humm… I’ve had some days to think about this, and I still don’t know what to say. So, here I go:

1- Tomorrow I’m working, and I start a new temporary job on Monday.

2- I’ve made Whovians of my little brother and sister.

3- We play in the park at Doctor Who where I’m a “monster” and I run after them screaming EXTERMINATE! or DELETE! Other kids and parents look at us wondering the hell we’re doing speaking in French and screaming in English.

4- I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars and after 24 hours, I still can’t believe it. I’ve now started Looking for Alaska.

5- I blame Tumblr for that pain.

6- My Queue is has barely anything in it and I feel so bad about it.

7- I love every single one of my followers.

8- This year, I’m going to 2, maybe 3 Conventions. NYCC, MTLCC and maybe Toronto-DW50th.

9- I have 2 side-blogs. The most recent is one about all kind of Fandom Wallpapers.

10- I feel like those are the shittiest facts ever, but I thank you very much for sending me this!