apatheticteens asked:


A person I like and why I like them - I like a lot of people, but I especially like David. He’s intellectual and smart and we have similar opinions on just about everything. He’s fantastic all around and I feel so blessed to have met such a great guy.

Things I like and things I don’t like about the way I look - I my face and arms. But I think the rest of my body is disproportional and awkward. 

My last night out in detail - Last night was pretty boring ngl. I made 57 spanish vocabulary flash cards to study for my exam this morning. After studying for about an hour or so, I showered. Then I reviewed subjunctive grammar and went to bed. You picked a boring night for me to explain in detail my friend.

Post a picture of yourself - One second.

Avery and Christine are graduating today. My babies are growing up. Ugh, I love those two very much. Along with Shawn and Helen who are there to support them on their very special day.

Congratulations, Class of 2011!

I’m so proud and honored to call you my dear friends. You’re all wonderful people who will accomplish incredible things in your lives.

Sending my love from across the country.