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Some thoughts on last nights bjm show:
-I think I died and went to psychadelic rocknroll heaven
-When there are like 20 albums at the merch table and u have them all, buy a tshirt
-when anton says he’s playing all night, he means it
-Sideburns #bjm #thebrianjonestownmassacre #keepmusicevil #thankgodformentalillness #psych #rocknroll #psychadelic #websterhall

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"I just want to be relevant," in conversation with Anton Newcombe
"I am in a great headspace and I am trying my hardest, and that’s a beautiful thing I think.”

- “There are so many tools at hand; cinematic tools, broadcasting tools, all these different things, yet so few people use them. There are infinite options, but we see less media happening. We see less movies being made than in the sixties.”

-Film is something that the now forty-eight-year-old performer is very driven by. He has been vocal about his desire to score cinema, recently working on the soundtrack to Philip John’s Moon Dogs, and this year even went to the extent of releasing his own soundtrack to an imaginary film, Musique De Film Imagine, inspired by the French New Wave.

“I just wanted to do something,” he tells me, “I was trying to inspire film makers to let me have my way, it’s like my CV.”

-“I want to pretend like I don’t have any time left and I want to get as much done as possible,” he says, “I want to cram as much in there in that way with my art. And just continue to grow. So it’s like this real simply stuff. Just grow as a person, and artistically, and just make stuff happen. The opposite of this Hollywood plastic surgery thing. I just want to be relevant. Not just in the way of youth culture that people are so concerned, which I have never been concerned with. I just want to be natural, and have that not be an issue, as I get older.”

-“I’m just happy to be on earth. I am not tied into this whole “it has to be in English” thing,” he tells me, “I am not a victim of this corporate guerilla that is a Hollywood Babylonisation of the planet earth with the media overload. The footballers wives and what their up to. I feel like I can block everything out in the whole universe in this beautiful way, that I may as well be in the middle of the forest.”

-“Well, Matt (Hollywood) is not coming. He is working on his own group again. Good for him,” Anton starts, “And Frankie (Emerson) is not coming because he has retired from music and drinking and drugging. I mean, I don’t drink and drug either but yeah…we have Ryan from Dead Skeletons playing with us now. We are back to a three-guitar set up, which is really good. The others are there, Colin (Hegna), Rob (Campanella), and Joel (Gion). It’s going to be better than ever. And I mean that. I never wanted to have the four-guitar thing. It was too sloppy. This is much cleaner and defined. It was just poor leadership on my part.”

-“People need to remember that for as many people who have been influenced by us, or we were influenced by, there’s not a band that is like us in their town or their state or anywhere,” he continues, “Where we left off in Liverpool, our last concert together, it was so amazing. I added a couple of songs we had never played live from around 2000 and it was crazy, with me and Joel singing. And that was a great feeling so we left that on a high high note.”

-“The new stuff is so solid live, I’ve got to tell you,” Anton says excitedly, “it’s just going to be amazing. I think, it will be memorable because I am in a great headspace and I am trying my hardest, and that’s a beautiful thing I think.”

A romantically filled #thefridaymixtape this week, specifically for someone very special but I hope the rest of you will enjoy it too. Anyway, these are for you Space Girl…
1. Which completely coincidentally is the title of the first track: Spacegirl courtesy of The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
2. Still in orbit, Jason Pierce is responsible for some of the most beautiful lyrics going in my book and his words for Spiritualized’s (or in this case Spiritualized Mississippi Space Program’s) Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song) are no exception. And there are noises recorded by Voyager in actual space, so yeah.
3. I couldn’t not include Super Furry Animals and Fire In My Heart. Pins and needles for you? Definitely…
4. Getting mushier by the minute, Robert Smith wrote The Cure’s Lovesong for his wife Mary as a wedding present. Awww. Perfect, the smooth, spikey haired sod…
5. Last but not least for this week’s soppy as fuck #thefridaymixtape none other than the good Doctor - John Cooper Clarke with I Wanna Be Yours. Nuff said.
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