hey there, mel here. firstly, my thoughts go out to bestie victoria. love you always, girl. keep your chin up.

as you can see above, i was on queen st. today. i went to go see one of my all-time fav bands, the summer set, at a free concert. it was a cute little place and i was literally 4 feet away from the band, which pretty crazy. it was a short setlist, but that was fine by me because i was pretty tired haha. the guitarist made some ruuuuuude asian jokes. but the drummer was part asian, so i wasn’t that offended LOL (much). he said asians didn’t play guitar (…. refer to jasmine and i on youtube. just saying.) there was a meet and greet after, and i was gonna go up to them, all sassy, and be like, “i play the guitar”. but i wasn’t down for the wait. even though i <3 them. i was just too hungry and tired.

after, me and my friends were walking across queen, and we reached BRANDY MELVILLE. i made everyone stop to take a picture. :$ it’s practically our birthplace. i just had to.

anyway, lots of love, dearies. see you tomorrow!




I was going to wait till August 8 - my actual birthday - to publish this but I am just too happy/grateful to wait.

So here we go.

Yesterday night (July 26) was one of the best nights I’ve ever had.

It all began last summer, when I saw a poster ad for Rainforest Cafe’s adorable sparkling volcano cake and decided to celebrate my birthday there. Since it turned out being really fun, I thought - Hey! Why not make it a tradition and go back there this year? 

So off to the jungle we went.

Here are the Brandy Girls - did I mention that they (+ some of my other very lovely friends) got me a KITCHEN BLOW TORCH FOR MY BIRTHDAYHAASDFOIWEJAFSLDKFJOAIFJS;DLKFJSDOFIJSD;FLSDJFL;SDJKFWEOAIFJ;SLDKFJSDLKJ something I have ALWAYS wanted! Thank you!!! 

In total, I had 18 guests for my 18th birthday.

I also had some pretty good freezes. Next year, I will have my first legal drink here. Not gonna lie, pretty excited for that.

What is a party without good pizza?

After dinner came dessert. Meaning the infamous volcano cake (topped off with sparklers etc.). It was the best and my friends are the absolute best and having them all together at the same time was so fun.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I took all these polaroids with my new Polaroid camera from ^ this friend! (THANK YOU!!!!) Also my prom date. haha

Which meant I got this lovely collection by the end of the night.

That was after night bowling.

The bowling clerk saw my birthday hat (from the kid above & another wonderful kid (thank you!!) cutest hat ever), and they played HBD for me on the big screens.

Above is the star player.

So I guess you could say it was a pretty good night.

Oh who am I kidding.

It was amazing.

Cheers to being 18.


Now You See Me

Herros everybody! So I watched Now You See Me yesterday night. This is definitely my type of movie. It was incredible. If you’re into tricks, mind games, and illusions, this movie is right for you.

Quick summary. There is a group of four magicians. They put on performances in which they do tricks and illusions on their audiences. They rob banks and rewards the audience with money. Or at least that’s what people think happens. Since robbing banks is a crime.. the FBI try to capture these hooligans. But they’re quick, they’re intelligent, and they know how to play mind games. 

There was a twist in the end. And to be honest, I wasn’t smart enough to see that coming. I felt as if the entire movie was a mind game, as if I was the audience and was being tricked in believing in something that isn’t real. But anyway, I had fun watching the movie. It was fast paced, mind blowing, and exhilarating. I think the best part was trying to figure out HOW they did the tricks and then getting mind blown when they actually show you.

And I love the characters. Well… and actors. Dave Franco is an attractive man. And I love how Jesse Eisenberg talks.

Okay, well if you haven’t seen it, you should! I promise you won’t regret it.


The History of The Brandy Girls

You may be wondering how The Brandy Girls came to be. That is a good question. Let’s rewind back to March 2013 (well at least I think that’s when it happened).

Once upon a sunny day, four girls with the names Polly, Jasmine, Melissa, and Victoria went on a lovely trip downtown. They originally planned to go down to find the perfect prom dress. That turned out a disaster because well… nothing could be found. They walked up and down Queen Street and came out with thrift shop clothing instead of a brand new prom dress. 

It was hot. They were tired. They wanted to go home. But just as they were about to head home, they found the most magical store: Brandy Melville. Okay, so it’s not that magical. But none of them had come across this store before. So they decided to step in. WOW whatever happened is the definition of love at first sight. Yeah, so they fell in love and they spent hours in there trying to find the perfect piece. It’s always like a war when these girls go shopping because they can never decide on one piece of clothing to buy. Anyway, I forget who came up with the idea but you know The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? Yeah, well they decided to start The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sweater, sending a Brandy Melville sweater to each other every week or so. So they bought it. And that’s how The Brandy Girls came to be. And the rest is history…

Funny story though. The sweater is now lost and no one knows where it is. Sisterhood of the lost sweater is more like it.




Et dans ce désordre, you are the peace sign.


I completely understand the feeling Jasmine had after she went to SAO (Summer Academic Orientation). Although most of the info was a bit of a bore, I’m pretty excited for both extracurriculars and classes (even though my schedule looks like death).

There's so much, and it’s all so new. Wow, I’m super excited and so ready to start this new adventure.

Woot Western Mustangs!



Funny story about the top picture:

My friend and I were standing on top of our paddle boat in the middle of the lake, screaming and singing.
Our nearby friends in a kayak saw us - and one of those three decided to copy us.
He tipped the whole thing, and they had to hang onto our boat to follow us back to the dock.
It was a really fun - but wow tiring haha - experience.
Good thing the water was warm! 

And the bonfire after with marshmallows helped us stay warm too.

Best Canada day ever. I love my country & my friends.




Music Banquet

Our motto for the night was “This is our house, this is our rules.”

In other words, we were trying to be really sassy (but laughing most of the night at our attempts)
The best part was dancing and just literally screaming out the words (or jumbled up blabber in the case of not knowing the words.)

Funny story: Melissa and I requested “We can’t stop” by Miley Cyrus (because it is our favourite song ever - kidding)
And we were lining up for photo booth pictures when all of a sudden, Melissa looks up (total panic on her face) and says, “IS THAT OUR SONG PLAYING INSIDE?”
Then we go quiet for a second only to hear Miley Cyrus’ voice blaring from inside the banquet room.
So we literally dash inside, and the rest is… a blur. A fun blur.

Another fun fact: I was going to wear a completely different dress - a polar opposite: it was really conservative, complete with floral patterns and a peplum design… but when I showed it to people, they just said “hmm, that’s really YOU”
And as the last formal for high school, I wanted to look different. So I went with this little black dress (and ended up matching with Melissa hooray). I couldn’t even sit for most of the night, and when I did I had to be super careful haha

Actually, the whole night was really fun.

Best night ever because it was well spent with this girl - who can make anything fun.


Hey girlies!

I hope everything is well with you all wherever you are right now. I haven’t posted in quite a while, so I thought I would. As for moi, I’m really loving the uni life so far. My floormates are uber cool and I love spending time with them. Last week, someone pulled the fire alarm, and I was in shorts and a sweatshirt and it was cold! But I was studying with some people, so I brought my laptop and some munchies. We ended up photoboothing on the sidewalk, at night, in the cold.

There was also a poster sale. Our soph warned us that you could spend quite a hefty sum there….and he was right. LOL. I bought 3 posters. i would post a picture, but I’m actually waiting for a class right now.

A littttlee bit starting to miss my house, my bed and my fam and you guys of course. Can’t wait for thanksgiving so I can see your beautiful faces. <3




Hey, guys! Today was kinda a boring day. For lunch though, I went out with some of my dad’s friends to this Indian Hakka Chinese Cuisine place. It was kinda weird cuz, you know there were Chinese waiters with Indian accents, and then our table was filled with Jamaican accents. Oh, and they had this cheese dish. Holy cow, it was like square cheese curds in sauce. Mmmm!

Anyway, I watched LOL with Miley Cyrus. And even though I’m not a huge fan of her, this was a pretty cute movie. It’s a coming of age movie, and I guess also a love story between Lola (Miley Cyrus) and Kyle (Douglas Booth).

I mean, how can you not love that.
And oh my gosh guys, Douglas Booth is uber cute, and he’s British!

Oh, and check out this link, cuz it’s funny LOL:

okay, bye <3



So I worked on a little something today. One of my life-long friend’s birthday is on Tuesday so I wanted to make something for her. Hopefully she’s not reading this… Anyway, I just took a random notebook lying around on my floor and decorated it! It actually took quite some time and as a person who is not too creative or artsy, I am proud of the final outcome!

Happy weekend lovelies,