leiaorgauna  asked:

Disney (As a General Whole)?


  1. Mulan. This girl THIS GIRL. She determined so much about who I am today. That scene in I’ll Make a Man Out of You, where she throws the arrow down at Shang’s feet??? I literally have direct memories of that scene changing my life
  2. Alice. One of my favorites, ever since I was a kid, to watch. And I’ve always felt such an identification with Alice for some reason, maybe the poshness or the attempt to categorize the world around me from a young age??
  3. Pocahontas. I literally used to dress up in my Pocahontas dress (complete with blue necklace and everything) and go play in my backyard every day. I would sing Colors of the Wind to trees.
  4. Belle. BOOKS BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS. Although she has a tendency to talk to inanimate objects and animals (unfortunate), I loved her penchant for fantasy and since I was a huge book nerd, I was into it. Especially because I was reading really far ahead for my age at an early age, so people would often make fun of me for my books.
  5. Merida. I…this was a hard choice, but I really do love Merida. I love that she’s fierce not because she’s trying to fit the stereotypical “strong female” role, but because that’s really who she is. I love that she’s the only princess that is really portrayed as her age; she’s young and rash and inexperienced, and I thought that was the coolest part of the new movie.