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Something I've seen mentioned a few times in passing is that the pistols used in the Ham/Burr duel belonged to Angelica's husband John Church - and that they were previously used in a duel between him and Burr. Do you know anything more about this duel between John Church and Burr? Bonus question: any recommendations for a Burr bio? I've been getting really interested in this weirdo and I think I want to read more about him.

So the Burr-Church duel happened over a conflict involving the Holland Company, which was a Dutch bank-based company that did speculation with American property. In New York, there were a lot of restrictions put on land owned by foreigners, so the Holland Company lobbied Burr to see if he could get the restrictions loosened. Burr suggested they just give money to the state legislature in return for more lenient laws. It worked. Burr then received a “loan” from the Holland Company in return, that he never paid back.

Church then used the word “bribery” in polite company to describe Burr’s actions, which was a no-no between gentlemen. Burr found out and immediately escalated the conflict to a duel. The two fired off a shot each - Burr’s missing entirely and Church’s nicking the button on Burr’s jacket - and before a second round could commence, Church apologized.

Like Laurens, there’s really no good Burr bio. You just kind of have to take Fallen Founder for what it’s worth.

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I've read some mentions of an incident where Laurens also duelled Thomas Conway for talking shit about Washington, and shot him in the mouth (which is alluded to in the musical) but haven't read any specifics. Do you know when/where this happened, or any other details?

John Laurens did not duel Thomas Conway - Laurens only dueled Charles Lee.  Thomas Conway dueled and was shot in the mouth by John Cadwalader.  I don’t know much about that duel beyond that.

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Sometimes when I am sad, I remember that somewhere in this world there is a woman whose name is Tremendous Johnson. And then I feel better. I want to introduce her to the other people I've talked to named Precious Cox, Lovely Johnson, and Peter Lovely, so they can form a really awesome club.


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this isn't exactly what you asked for, but I'm just sharing that my christmases got a lot less christmassy a few years back, so I compensated my making my own christmas overload, and damn the man! I blare the cheesiest christmas music all month long, and make gaudy ridiculous decorations out of stuff I find at the dollar store, and stuff like that. It gets me through the depressing parts (aka the family shit). Be silly and make stuff! It works for me anyway.

I really love this idea! I’m gonna go bedazzle some shit! 

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after reading all the awesome stories people are sending you, I'm sad I don't have an embarrassing "sex talk" moment of my own to share. I did, however, have an EXTREMELY AWKWARD conversation with my mother about 2 years ago when she wanted to talk about "relationships" with me. I'm single by choice, but I'm pretty sure my mom has been convinced since I was in high school that I'm a lesbian, though she has never said anything about it. She just conspicuously used the word "partner" a lot.

Good times! 

When I was a kid, like 8 or 9, maybe, a girl moved into our neighborhood and we became friends right away. We spent pretty much every waking moment together that summer. Then my mom saw us wrestling and tickling each other one day and she told her to go home, called her mother, and sat me down and asked me if I liked girls. It took me awhile to figure out what she was trying to say. “You mean like for kissing and stuff? No! I mean, I don’t like anybody!" 

I never saw my friend again after that. 


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I was going to anonymously send you more bizarre erotic fiction I found on the internet, but I thought maybe that joke was played out. So instead I'll tell you that I've had a Meatloaf song stuck in my head for 2 days straight. I've listened to "Bat out of Hell" at least 5 times today and it ain't going away.

Whenever I think of Meatloaf I think of the Christian band in Omaha that remade Paradise by the Dashboard Lights into Paradise for the Israelites. 


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I want to share a happy xmas memory too - I was a total daddy's girl growing up, and I loved getting to spend time with just my dad. one year when I was probably like 12, for some reason I don't recall, my dad and I volunteered to deliver gifts to people from some charity organization. I just remember getting up early and spending all day driving around town giving people things. it was pretty awesome. and then we went out for hot chocolate.

That sounds wonderful. *sniffle*


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Spooooning. When I get to be the little spoon. I'm pretty sure the main reason I stayed with my ex so long was because when we'd cuddle in bed at night, and he'd wrap himself all around me, I felt safer than I ever have. Other than that, I have a friend at whose home I have always felt safe and loved - but she recently moved to California and I haven't been to her new home yet, so I suppose I'm at the mercy of the wolves now.

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I have two distinct happy memories, attached to two completely separate events, that both involve apples rolling down the middle of the road. There is an abandoned house on my block with a big apple tree in the yard, and the apples have been falling off and out into the street lately. It always makes me smile when I walk by. And then gag, because it reeks of rotten apples.

Happy memories are amazing things. They completely change the things they are associated with. The smell of horse manure reminds me of my first kiss. I’d take the apples over that any day. :)

Part 3

thebootydontstop answered your question: What are some things that make you smile?

high fives, cupcakes, people making dorky faces, beer

charminggoats answered your questionWhat are some things that make you smile?

Roller derby, kittens, comedies that I get a C or lower from critics, and penis jokes (I fucking love penis jokes)

toolateadopter replied to your postWhat are some things that make you smile?


girl-detective answered your questionWhat are some things that make you smile?

Owls. James Bond. Nancy Drew. Pupusas. Diet Pepsi. Babies with chubby cheeks. Anything Mid-Century Modern. Cuddling my husband.

goestoeleven answered your questionWhat are some things that make you smile?

Puppies. Stitching. Good scotch. Kisses. Late Sunday morning snuggling. Smiles across the room with an unspoken “I love you.” Tumblr friends.

catty1 replied to your postWhat are some things that make you smile?

Coffee, my husband’s antics, babies, animals, absurdity, and frozen yoghurt.

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do you believe in past-life experiences? one time I met this guy, and we both had strong, immediate "hey, I know you!" reactions. we sat down at one point and went over everywhere we had ever lived and everything we had ever done, but were never able to find any overlap. to this day, it remains a mystery... ooo wee ooo... (clearly he wasn't like my soulmate or whatever, because once I got to know him I realized he was kind a douche, and we never even became friends or anything.)

Dang! I wonder if he was a douche when you met him in a past life, too.

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I'm not going to take a picture of my sweaty ass, but I will tell you that I've been trying to get back into shape this summer, so on days when I don't go hiking I go for a run - and both yesterday and today I managed to run a lot longer than I usually do, so I'm really proud of myself. anyway, now I'm going to spend the rest of the day studying for an exam I have tomorrow. it's about rocks.

I’m proud of you too! Also, if you need any help on your test - the answer is probably “hard”.