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The book goup was created for book lovers. The members of this club will be able to discuss their reading experiences etc

To join in, you must:

  • Reblog this post (once), likes don’t count;
  • Be following me and her
  • It can be any type of blog!

To increase your chance of join the network tag a post with thebookgroup explainig us why you like to join 

Why I want to Join the book group

I want to join The Book Group because I really need a group to fangirl with basically. I really love books and im apart of every major fandom here on tumblr. I love making new friends and love books too, I also really need to find some new books to read so maybe some people can help me out? hehe.

Thanks for reading this,

Zoe :)

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reblog this to become a member of the book group!

this is not a promo group. 

it’s simply a group of people who love books.


  • read books & enjoy it
  • be friendly
  • no likes
  • you can be any type of blog with any amount of followers

Message me here for any other questions.

I will tell you if you’re in as soon as possible. <3