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Chemistry & Timing : Chapter 42

Remus rolled over and looked to her. Hermione was sitting against the pillows, wearing the top half of his old, striped pajama set and ready for bed. She had a large book in her lap, a heavy tome on Chinese wizarding history he had picked up for her at the library. Remus sat up and reached over. Grabbing her ankle, he pulled Hermione across the bed and into his arms.

“Remus!” she squealed as he dragged her into his lap. “Be careful! You’re bending the pages of my book!”

“I don’t care,” he pulled the book from her arms, dropping onto the floor with a loud thump. “Books be damned!”

She laughed as he kissed her neck, her hands in his hair. “Books be damned? How could you say such a thing?!”

“Quite easily; Books. Be. Damned. Actually… I think I’ll be giving up all literature and literary pursuits from now on because you, my dear,” Remus growled, looking into her deep, brown eyes. ”You are far superior study.”

Chemistry & Timing : Chapter 41

“I told you, I was home with my wife.“

“Can anyone vouch for you?” Umbridge asked as she poked around the small knickknacks and trinkets Molly had displayed on the hearth.

Dora sat up straighter. “I can.”

“Anyone else?”

“Dora’s the only witness I need.” Remus growled.

Umbridge laughed, setting down a small framed picture of Percy. “Well, it’s a lovely sentiment, isn’t it? But of course, we all know that wouldn’t really hold up in court. A wife’s testimony for or against her husband is always a little rocky—and in this case? Well, I don’t think many would believe the words of a woman foolish enough to marry a dangerous half-breed.”

Remus squeezed Dora’s hand very hard, partially to keep her from shouting out in anger, but also to give focus to his own temper. He knew this was coming. Remus took a deep breath, forcing his face to remain calm…

anonymous asked:

Oh wow, chemistry and timing was absolutely wonderful! It's very atypical for a remione time turner one, which I'm usually so skeptical of since a lot of the ones I find are the same but yours is very individual and well written! :) hope to see a sequel or something, anyway, you seem to be a wonderful writer

Oh wow! Thank you so much! it’s always great to hear people are liking my story! Thanks for taking the time to message me!

A quick note, though. You mentioned you were looking forward to the sequel, so just letting you know that part II has been posted online! For clarity of reading, it has just been continued within the same piece on FFnet.