Survivors Of A Once Known Wonderland - Post Apocalyptic Group AU RP

It wasn’t really like it was planned. But we all knew it would happen. Everyone on earth knew, it was just hard to grasp when it actually happened. The world had been perfect one moment, and then destroyed the next. A world of billions was slowly turned into millions, then slowly thousands. Radiation and viruses, influenza and wars, nuclear bombings and wildfires, almost all the population was wiped out. Everyone who wasn’t a survivor..Well.. They were a monster. Alive but dead. There were Zombies.

The California sun blared down on the abandoned wasteland of empty homes and lost souls. She had been walking for days upon days just to get back to her shelter from where she was before. She had ran miles upon miles to get away from the zombies that chased her about a week ago. Finally as her black boots clicked against the broken and paved roads, she was ‘Home’, as she called it.

Beverly Rogers was a girl who was only a child when the war on her hometown in Arizona broke out. and one effect from it was the amount of hazardous  material that was spread across the land killed everyone but herself and a few others. Those others were turned to zombies, of course, but not her. The toxic and radioactive waste caused her to mutate like the others. Except; She was mutated in a way that she had become one with her pet Coyote. She was a hybrid, someone unique yet unwanted and feared. A hunter, part animal part girl. Either way, she was on her own and fighting for her life. 

As she returned back to her shelter, she walked through the neighborhood that had her own little house in it. Most of those houses were still standing with furniture in them and water that was still running. Who knows, she thought, maybe while I was gone someone else may have moved into the neighborhood