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Questions From:

1. What would you do/want if you have one wish in the world? (World Peace is not an option, sorry)

Uhhhh I would want to wish for something philosophical and important that would shape the world as we know it, but I also kind of feel like that’s cheating and it’s not the same if we don’t solve those problems on our own, so-

I would probably end up wishing for the marvel universe to be real and for me to be able to teleport. Or, if that counts as two wishes, I’m fine with just teleporting.

2. What’s your favorite item that you own?

Easy one! My mandolin. I’ve had it since I was in fifth grade (so almost 15 years whoa) and it’s the most fun and most wonderful thing PLUS MUSIC so yeah.

3. Favorite Bands?



-American Authors


-Grace Potter and the Nocturnals


-The Avett Brothers

-The Lone Bellow

-The Last Bison…..

sorry that’s a lot I’ll stop

4. Favorite Outfit?

Uhh probably my favorite pair of dark-wash skinny jeans and a plain white v-neck and a scarf. any scarf. plus some boots.

5. What’s the craziest thing you have ever done? Would you do it again?

I’m not very exciting, so I guess the craziest thing I’ve done would be to go parasailing and YES I WOULD DO IT AGAIN BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING

6. Favorite Fandom? You don’t have to belong to said fandom.

Hmmm….I guess my favorite fandom would be the Harry Potter fandom because it’s been a LONG TIME and we’re still sticking around even though our series has been over for a while. However, I admire the obnoxious omnipresence of the supernatural fandom, even though I’m not a part of it.

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

STORM CHASING. If I could, I would sit outside/follow every storm ever. I love storms. But then people are always like “ma'am that’s a hurricane ma'am please go inside your house ma'am PLEASE STOP PLAYING IN FLOODWATER” so

8. If you could live in any novel, what would it be?

HARRY POTTER HARRY POTTER HARRY POTTER HARRY POTTER (but like without having to battle voldemort. i just want to be a witch and have magical homework and magical problems and a magical family or a non-magical family i don’t really care but M A G I C)

9. What is your ideal mode of transportation?

i prefer to be carried around on a cloud of fire, striking fear into the hearts of my enemies and those who would take my throne

10. If you were trapped on an island with your three favorite things and people, would you stay? Who and what would they be?

I would be trapped with my parents and my best friend/housemate. I would also have my mandolin, a copy of the complete works of charles dickens, and my dog. (Can he count as a favorite thing?)

And I probably wouldn’t stay forever because I wouldn’t see all the other people/things that I love and also food/water? Entertainment? WI-FI?!?! But you know, a vacation there would be nice. We’d have fun.

11. Favorite scent from Bath and Body Works?

Sensual Amber 4 Lyfe b/c i am v. sensual obviously

My Questions:

1. Favorite movie - GO.

2. What was your favorite childhood vacation? What’s your favorite now? Why?

3. Favorite genre of music?

4. If you lived in a realm of your own creation what color would the trees be, and what would they taste like?

5. Who’s your fictional BFF (non romantically. you’re just bros. don’t make it weird.)?

6. East coast or west coast? (Alternatively: just east or west, if you’re not into the whole coast-to-coast battle.)

7. If you could have a supporting role on any TV show, what would it be, and who would you be? (How would you die, if that’s the kind of show you pick?)

8. BOOM. You’ve just been turned into an animal. What’s the first animal that comes to mind? What’s your first order of business as that animal?

9. What does your ideal candle smell like?

10. Would you rather have ears the size of your hands, or hands the size of your ears? (Both are fully functional, just SUPER WEIRD)

11. Who is your celebrity soulmate? How many children would you have? Where would you live? Paint me a picture of your life. (With your words. Or, if you’re artistic (hannah) you can paint me a literal picture of your life. Actually, please do that if possible.)

Tonight was amazing.

So, I picked TBM up from school today. We went to her house and Alice joined us. 

We sat around and ate so much food while talking cause we hadn’t seen each other in awhile. Anna showed up at some point and we played a bit of Vampire: Bloodlines and Trauma. We also played a very quirky and cute board-game. We also chatted a bunch too. It was really good to see Anna and TBM since I don’t see them all that much. I see Alice at least weekly to bi-weekly.  Anna left before Me and Alice did. Me, Alice, and TBM had  some “deep lady chats” where we  talked about everything. College, Life, Friends, Relationships. It was very nice to just sit and.. TALK to people.  I took Alice home, and we sung along to the Klaine duet of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and without us discussing it, She sang the lines of Blaine and I sang the lines of Kurt. It was just straight up cool. Duets are funnn~ Cx  

When I got home, I talked to my mom for a very long time and… SHE AGREED FOR ME TO MEET MY ONLINE BEST FRIEND, LAUREN. She doesn’t like the idea of me going in the winter due to the crazy ass snows we get here in the mountains. So, I will be going over the summer of 2k13 to meet my beautiful,amazing,sweet,generous,loving, and all around awesome best friend for  whom i’m in a very deep and committed bromantic bromance with.  

I’d like to meet her over our 3-year friendship anniversary. Cx 

so, tonight was great. I got my social fill with an amazing group of girls whom I lav, and got what I wanted: permission to meet my best friend. 

What’s a thigh gap for? To let high speed traffic through? God you slut. MIND THE GAP.
—  Hannah (The Blonde Menace and my favorite person on earth)

Soo, I was tagged by Abbey (storyoflegendmagicandthetardis) a little while ago, and because I’m a lazy bum, I’m just now getting around to responding to this…: 

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1. Favorite superhero and why?

Ah, Superheroes. I don’t really have a favorite nessicarly. I actually didn’t get all that into super heroes until I saw The Avengers last summer with my best bros. I really like Thor, because he has fabbulous hair and he’s pretty bad-ass. I also like Spiderman. Spidey’s just a cutie and the film with Andrew Garfield was pretty quality in my opinion. So, I like Thor & Spiderman. They’re cuties and really bad-ass. 

2. Skittles or M&Ms?

Ooh, I really like both. I’m gonna go with M&Ms though. I have a little thing for chocolate, despite it being an addictive sugary thing that’s probably terrible for me. I like just regular ol’ M&M’s. Peanut isn’t bad either. But Regular is the best. 

3. A world issue you feel passionate about and want to change?

Meeehhrhrhr… Is it terrible that I don’t really CARE about world issues?  I suppose I’ll stick with the issue that I think is most ridiculous. Gay Marriage. That shouldn’t even BE an issue. I understand people have issues with it because of religion and all, but I think that all people should be allowed to marry who they want to. I think in 20 years, the gay marriage issue will be a lot like the interracial issue from the 1900’s… It just won’t matter anymore? I dunno. I don’t keep up with issues and politics cause it all depresses me. 

4. All time favorite song and why?

Can I cheat and say all time favorite band? Cause in that  case, it’s All Time Low. I suppose my favorite song by them is Six Feet Under the Stars which I can’t even really explain why I connect with that song, because I really don’t know. Just something about the lyrics and sound connects with me.. Other songs I like by ATL are If These Sheets were the States, Under Paper Moon, Therapy.. and a few others. 

5. The last movie you saw in theaters and was the movie worth seeing?

Just because I have the ticket stubs, the movies I’ve seen this year are: 

  • The Croods (On 3/28/13)
  • Warm Bodies (On 4/25/13)
  • The Great Gatsby (On 5/12/13)
  • Epic (On 6/2/13) 
  • Monsters’ U (On 6/22/13) 

Honestly, I think all of these movies were worth seeing for different reasons. The Croods was a good family story, and it hit home about the daughter/dad stuff. Warm Bodies was my least favorite, because the story was kinda cliche. I saw that movie at the discount theater, so It was worth what I paid. I saw The Great Gatsby with my mother, and I honestly enjoyed it! Leo’s depiction of Gatsby, I thought was pretty spot on. The movie was visually pretty too.  Epic was a more mature movie coming from the people who made Ice Age. It had a few flaws, but was overall enjoyable. Then finally, Monsters’ U. A movie that I honestly got way too much because I’m a college student.  I think all the films I’ve seen have been worth seeing. Not so sure what the NEXT movie I’m seeing is, but it’s probably gonna be a movie I go see with Lauren when I visit her in 19 days..! 

6. What’s your dream job?

In a unrealistic world, I’d want to work in an animation studio, helping a group of people create something magical. To work at somewhere like Dreamworks or Disney would be like, wow so cool. But, that’s just a pipe dream. More realistically, my dream job is a job where I can be happy and help people. At the moment, I’m studying Liberal Arts at my community college so I can transfer to University of Virginia to get a degree in Psychology, so I can become either a psychologist or an art therapist. NOT SO SURE WHAT I’M DOING THOUGH, considering that I feel like I’m in the “20-something crisis” of not knowing what i’m doing with my life…

7. Have any pets?

Yes! I have a 10 year old Pomeranian named Bear! I’ve had him since I was eight years old and he’s my best friend. He’s a finicky and mean little dog, but at times he can be the sweetest little baby. He whines too much, and he wakes me up every morning around 8, because he wants his pills. He has seizures and thyroid problems. We also believe that he might have Cushings disease. I love my dog, and I’d do anything in the world for his bratty little self. 

8. A TV show you never get tired of and can watch reruns over and over?

OH GOD, I HAVE NO IDEA. Uh.. uh…. there’s so many good show, man.. like.. hgnn.. No clue. Movie wise, it’s How to Train your Dragon. 

9. Would you go back in time to change anything in your life or are you happy with the way your life is now?

Part of me wants to say that I’d go back in time and change an “era” of my life that was pretty dark and it changed me. If I had never met that person, who I am now would be different. So, I guess I’m fine with what happened. I became a stronger person and I’m happy with myself right now. I’m a good person who is blessed with many lovely friends. 

10. What would you do if you won the lottery?

I’d send half to the bank and half to charity. I’d probably send the half to charity to several different charities. The half in the bank would gain interest and become my retirement when I’m a old lady. 

11.  A place you’ve never been but really want to go?

Anywhere else in the world! Most people I know have been out of country, and I’VE NEVER LEFT THE UNITED STATES! I want to see other places in the world. I love the USA, but gosh, I wanna see somewhere NEWW! i mean, it’s sad when I’m excited about going to NC in the next 19 days.. like yeah, Lauren’s there, but I’ve never been in that part of NC, so I’m like “:DDD!!! YAY NEW PLACE..!!” sooo.. yeah. I WANNA GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE? like, I’d love to see Europe, or Japan (imagine all the 3DS street passes.. <33) 

Questions For YOU to answer: 

1. What are your OTPs (One True Pairings)? If you don’t ship things, tell me about your favorite characters from any book/movie/tv show/ video game.. etc. 

2. What inspires you to do what you do? Who in your life has been influencial in who you are today? 

3. What Fictional Character do you most relate to? You can answer with multiple characters, if needed. 

4. What’s your favorite season and why? Do you have a specific memory about that season that you’d wish to share? 

5. Who in your life do you trust the most? Why do you trust that person? 

6. If you could have anything on your pizza, and nobody would complain or have an issue, What is your perfect pizza? 

7.  Do you consider yourself an introvert, an extrovert, or an ambivert? 

8. What did you do for your latest birthday? How old are you turning this year? 

9. What never fails to cheer you up when you’re down? 

10.  What are your nicknames/aliases? What do you prefer to be called? 

11.  What do you do if you cannot sleep at night? 

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