Agent Hermes: the messenger of covert chic.

If fashion was a top secret world wide government agency I’m pretty sure the men would be wearing Hermes. The collection was very monochromatic, which gave Veronique Nichanian plenty of opportunity to play with design details such as fit and even fabric choices. The silhouettes of the suits were well done for menswear. They weren’t to streamlined yet there weren’t to loose. Could she have focused more on that yes, but to each is own, correct. The tailoring of the overcoats however I thought was very sharp. They look as if the fine tipped pencil they had been draw with brought them actual life, so I will applaud her on that.

   With having an monochromatic collection you also have to let the fabric speak as well, because the colors aren’t really help in telling the story of what you want us to envision for fall. The gray wool was a nice choice, because it’s as strong as black, but sometimes black looses its translation as trying to come off as a dynamic color. I also felt that because she leaned toward gray that collection overall came out a lot better. Versus is she chose navy which would’ve thrown everything off. If she went with lighter neutral then the collection might have turned out disastrous. so by her choosing those fabrics in gray I think it translated alot better.

   One thing I did like and give the collection some spice was the use of leather. The leather trenches, the alligator pants, and the leather suits were so sharp. There great pieces you can mix and match, and I felt like alligator leather has got the justice it deserves. Typically I feel that alligator leather is done wrong or doesn’t come off right, but knowing Hermes I knew they would find a way to make alligator leather tougher than leather.

The Black History Month series

Hello Followers,

   I want to first by saying I apologize for not delivering on my promise for my Black History Month series. At the time in my life when I had halted the Blair Stitch Project I had various things on my plate and I couldn’t handle them, so the blog I felt was something I could hold off on for a minute so I could prioritize. To make a long story short, I did some prioritizing and I realized those other tasks I was trying to finishing were not good for me, and bringing unwanted stress. With that Being said I’m back on the Blair Stitch Project and I’m going to continuing doing this, because it seems more logical.

   Now Im going to continue with the Black History Month series, because Black History Month is very important thing to remember. I feel that in this day and age we as African Americans have forgotten what are predecessors were fighting for. We still fall into these stereotypes that were given to us way back when, and it seems that were not trying to make room for improvement. When you forget what has happened history often times will repeat itself. That we have seen all to well, and I think that that needs to be stopped at once. We need to sort of reunify, and start a new pan-african-americanism movement again. 

Stitching In Place

When Fashion week is up I do not go in order based on who’s showing that particular. There are some I’ll look at before others, so just be aware of that. Sure you may have seen the Victorian collection from Dolce and Gabana a hundred times on your dashboard before you see mines pop up, or you may have watched the full video of the Bottega Veneta Fall collection before I got a chance to see it. Although when it comes down to it, how many of those photos are come with a review????

IA Report

Hello Followers,

Today  I am posting this is an offical press release from Mr. Blair Stiitch. As you know Blair Stitch is a fashion blogger whom for the past nine months has provided you with the latest regarding news within the fashion industry, also researching current event, and holidays as well, and relating them to fashion. Plus providing you with commentary on the particular lessons that he was able to learn in his fashion classes while atteding Villa Maria College.

   Although I’m sad to say that due to problems within Internal Affairs, Blair Stitch is no longer avaible to provide you with fashion commentary. This is a sad day for us here at the Blair Stitch Project, and one day soon we hope to return to the venue of tumblr, and provide with whatever is happening within the fashion industry. I hope our followers will still be there when Mr. Blair Stitch decides to return to the tumblr stage.

Thank you so much

Madame Hem, President of Internal Affairs