Alex was counting the minutes to the end of her shift, eager to go on her planned date that night. She’d stumbled into Natasha Romanoff in the common room and somehow managed to walk out with a date. Alex honestly wasn’t sure how she’d managed it, but here she was, in the lobby of the Avengers complex, waiting for the Black Widow to walk out of the doors at the back, purse over her shoulder.

Updated list of the Maximoff Fam:

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speedy-stole-my-pie- Emily and Pietro (AKA EMETRO)

leiaskye- Saey

onyourleft-birdboy- Octavia/Tavi

lanternburningflickeredinmymind- Daniela

ivealwayswantedtobeapirate- Hope

booknerdswiftie- Emily (me)

socially-awkward-french-fry- Sam

pietro-maximoff-sunshine- Carrington

adorable-punk-superheroes- Emma

little-euphemias- Victoria

ohmylokiana- Alana

matteole- Freja

louistwinslover- Jade

littleflower-boy- Spencer (and Steve)

merrymurdockmas- Pey

atrociousfantasies- Stephen

wildflower1253- Nadia

yowanda- CJ

meganlpie- Megan


sleepingismyonlyskill- Wanda and Stephanie

pietroimagines- Erin

wherethefuckyisbucky- Mariah

yourbuckyandsteve- Bucky and Rosie (Tavi and I talk to them all the time, so I’m including them)

natasha-theblackwidow-barnes- Natasha and Ashley (Tavi and I talk to them a lot, too…. And you can’t have Bucky without Nat! He’d get grumpy if she’s away too long)

sometimesifangirl- Lara

tonystark-genius- Tony


“The hell they are!” He didn’t yell. Of course he didn’t yell. His voice was low, quiet, and dangerous. He’d damn himself before he let anything happen to Toni. Even if she wanted it. He lifted her face with one hand and slapped her, hard, across the cheek. Oh, there would be a bruise. There was no doubt. But he needed her to get a hold of herself. And a bruise was a small price to pay for her life.

“You listen to me, and you listen hard. I don’t care what is running through your head right now, I don’t care how much you want it to end, or what ever you do want. You are staying here, and you don’t have a choice in that matter. I’m not giving you a choice. You are coming out of this. I’m not letting you take the easy way out. I will drag your sorry ass back if I have to.” He fixed her with a look and raised his hand again.

"Do I have to hit you again? Because I will.”

Toni’s breath hitched when Nat’s heavy hand collided with her cheek. Her head turned from the force of the impact and she felt her jaw crack, a burning tingle taking over the left side of her face. But did it matter when pain was already taking over her body? Her limbs were aching and almost limp, her suit was practically useless after the fall. She estimated at least two of her ribs were cracked, it was way too painful to breathe. Her vision was blurred and Nat’s voice sounded distant, the ringing in her ears overcoming any other sound. The wound in her head throbbed. Toni closed her eyes. 

“I can’t make it back.” She manage to mutter, voice breaking at the end. She would be a burden if Nat was to carry her back, and what for? Toni didn’t think she could make it even if she wanted to fight to stay alive. “Hit me all you want, Nat it– Won’t take from the fact that I’m too weak to make it back.” And speaking didn’t help, really.

Take the suit away, what are you? Toni smiled bitterly. Nothing.

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The last thing Nadya had been expecting was another black widow - and this one wasn’t just a black widow.  This one, with her red hair, was the Black Widow, the one who’d run off to America and become a superhero.  Nadya didn’t know what she was doing here, but she wasn’t going to take chances.  She had a hand on her gun as she got up from the cafe table to confront the woman.

“What do you want with me?” she asked in Russian.

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