theblackwidowromanoff started following you  Kai sighed. She had just come back from a mission in Creta. She had a meeting with the new Führer, he had wanted to meet her, so she was wearing her formal military uniform. She stretched her auto-mail arm out as she walked down the streets. She was thinking about the previous meeting she had when she ran into someone. “Ouch…” She mumbled., Opening her eyes. “Oh sorry about that ma'am. I wasn’t really paying attention.”
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Quinn was having a rather slow night tonight, a thug here, a robber there, nothing she couldn’t handle and tie up for the cops. But the fact that nothing was really happening slightly bothered her. She formed a cable, out of electricity, to the building below and zip linned down. She stopped and looked around. Nothing, and she was just using up energy because she had nothing going on. She heard some people talking down below and quietly went down the fire escape to listen. Weapons dealer? How about NO. She thought, they started to walk off and she followed. At the moment she didn’t care if it was cold, she cared about this weapons dealer. The guys walked into a building and she went up to the roof. There was a window, so she crouched down and went over to see what was going on. It looked like a greenhouse, so the window on the roof was a bit murky, but she could still see inside. Okay, so there really is a problem here. She mused as she stood up and backed away, accidently walking into someone, she quickly turned around and formed a bow and arrow from the elctricity and drew, ready to shoot whoever the person was. She didn’t know if someone had seen her climb up here, so caution seemed better than doing nothing. “Who’re you?” She asked them.