"Welcome to my home... Oh, wait, I don't have one." || Loki & Natasha

It was really hard to keep track of days, when one would just sit there and do nothing in the morning, nothing in the afternoon, and a bit more of it in the evening. Kids complained when they were on vacation and bored out of their minds? Well, at least they weren’t all by themselves at the opposite end of the galaxy, with no company other than growing seeds and harvest baskets. And they also didn’t have a dreaded bracelet attached to their wrist, constricting the almost plenitude of their power. Nor were they sentenced to stay like that for the rest of their days. Yes, when it came to whining about how much life sucked, Loki was damn sure he’d always score first place.

Regardless, he wasn’t one to just abide by it and do nothing. What kind of God of Mischief would he be, if he ever stopped trying to come up with new ideas to spread that same mischief? That was exactly why he was now sitting on the fresh grass, enjoying the cool breeze of dawn and examining his little prototype. It was still very far from being completed, but it was already taking form. Problem was, it was really difficult to come by any decent piece of technology, when the most advanced machines that planet’s inhabitants possessed were tractors and harvesters. Hence, Loki was very grateful for his time spent at Midgard previously, where he’d learned enough to be able to turn junk into useful devices, without having to rely on sorcery.

Feeling something strange in the air, however, the prince stopped what he was doing and warily glanced around. Nobody… but he was sure something was about to happen. Those intuitions of his were rarely wrong so, choosing to trust them, he got up and headed back to the small stone house where he currently lived. After hiding his creation inside the closet, he grabbed a book and decided to take a seat on the window sill. If nobody actually showed up in the next half an hour, he’d return to his project later.