Live Demo from CTN at the CGMA booth. The demo time was a hour and a half. Done on illustration board with my Pentel brushpen.


Unbalance the seemingly perfectly balanced
Watch the foundation crack and crumble
Witness the pillars of support shuffle in chaotic dance
From perfect to imperfect stance one is humbled
Hopefully at least a lesson is learned
Rebuilding a reputation that was once well earned
Everything turned to ash from which the black embers burned
A lifetime to build, but a moment to destroy
Reputation defined in simple terms to the convoy
With time, cracks form from the stresses of life and morality
As the weight increases, it causes questions of mortality
Drawn in and internalized energy furthering the evident cracks
Praying and hoping on everything, “don’t let this break my back”
Faith in humanity more deceased than dinosaur relics
In need of mental and moral paramedics
For the challenges ahead to avoid the mistakes made in the past
New knowledge and truths challenge the balance
Now to learn what to keep versus let go of 
What to build on versus start over and start new
The scale is forever changing, something to challenge the status quo
Although the rebuild may take awhile its worth it
Worth the struggle, pain and change
Being unstable may not be the best….
But it’ll definitely propel you to becoming the best
….so maybe being unstable isn’t such a bad thing…