Spelman's first twin valedictorians!

“Please join us in congratulating identical twins Kirstie and Kristie Bronner, they have been named co-valedictorians for Spelman College Class of 2013 with a 4.0 GPA. The Bronner sisters are Atlanta natives who are making history as the first twins to receive the designation in the history of Spelman College.”

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Although black boys across the country can see and read about successful black men in history and postmodern media, many black boys view the success of those men as something unattainable, considering they don’t have the opportunity to witness black male success up close and personal.

Antonio Maurice Daniels - Research Associate in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA).

A token of my appreciation...

The Black man is often misunderstood, mislabeled, and mistreated. 

The Black male collegian is often undermined and underrepresented. 

The Black father figure is, too,  painted in the absence of color.

In all, the Black man’s efforts are not praised; his accomplishments are overlooked; his confidence is challenged… 

Dear Black man, know that you are worth the mystifying glow in your skin.

Know that your are worth your wit,  your innovation, your strength, your persistence.

Know that you are worth your journey.

That you are worth your place as a pillar in our community.

That you are worth our while.

Know that you are appreciated.

The Black Collegian.

Black Love on Campus - "The Fight To The Finish!"

When you think you find one Black guy on campus that you might be even the least bit interested in, there are about 20 other girls who are interested in the same guy, and these are the Black girls. In addition, to those, you have to factor in girls from other ethnicities who want a dip in the brownie mix.

That sort of stuff makes you realize how important the gender gap in Black college education is. With the Black male to female college population at a 1:2 ratio, finding love in the Black community on campus feels nearly impossible - at least to me.

- Anonymous (GWU)

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“Dear White People" (Concept Trailer) - a satire about being a Black face in a white place. "This satire explores the issues of race and identity from the viewpoints of four Black students at a fictitious predominantly white school.” (CNN)

It’s amazing how relevant the concept is to this blog. Can anyone relate?

Check out CNN’s feature of the trailer!

And click here to help bring this film to theaters!


ABC Report: “Why Do Successful Black Women Find It So Hard To get Married?”