compilation post of Josh Thomas from the channel TheBitBlock getting mad at my tweets about how Ribbon Girl and Min Min make for a cute couple, and my responses messing with him (click for comments)

so yeah, good to know that he’s a homophobe along side all the other things wrong with him. I was kinda surprised when he first began replying to my tweets about RibMin (and he replied to practically all of them) ‘cause they weren’t directed at him in any way and he didn’t really respond to any other tweets about ARMS other than mine

but anyway, RibMin forever


On the month of May I spent a great deal of time working on concept pieces of how Nintendo Amiibo characters could bring new gear to Splatoon, for the Youtube Channel TheBitBlock’s Make Believe series. 

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im not a big fan of this guy but wow this is an amazing video 


Wind Waker HD - Goddess Pearls

More footage:
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“A Look at Skyward Sword’s Inaccurate Controls (Gamespot Review Rebuttal)”



A number of items available in the Japanese version of the game. :D