hey babes! it’s been awhile since i’ve done a follow forever, but i decided this time to do a very special mutuals appreciation post instead, featuring every single one of my amazing mutuals! thank you all for putting up with my insane ramblings, spectacularly shitty blogging, and countless url changes - i love all of you so much, you have no idea! ♥

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Union Canal, avoiding the birds.

“The Union Canal is a canal in Scotland, running from Falkirk to Edinburgh, constructed to bring minerals, especially coal, to the capital. It was initially successful, but the construction of railways, particularly the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, opened in 1842, diminished its value as a transport medium. It fell into slow commercial decline and was closed to commercial traffic in 1933. Dating back as early as 1542, it was originally titled Edinburgh Weir, but re-named in 2014 following it’s prominent use by the Better Together campaign to transport leaflets and other industrial material from Scottish Labour headquarters to Falkirk, a town long believed to be the most significant barometer of public opinion.”

thehound-and-thebird  asked:

... I'm not sure I'm overly fond of the way Sandor's character is written yet. Just... having a hard time swallowing what happened with him. I'll have to wait and see. But I hope to the fucking gods they don't turn him into someone who worships the Lord of Light.

yeah, i can understand that. obviously they’ve had to speed up his character development a lot for the sake of time, but overall i was very happy with him in this episode. 

i don’t think (or at least i hope) they will turn him into a religious fanatic or anything like that, i think the whole purpose of that scene was just to have thoros/r’hllor/whoever show sandor enough of the truth to believe he’s on a good path, ya know? that the army of the dead is real and that he can help. 

i think sandor’s relationship, if you will, with the lord of light will be more like stannis early on, believing only in what he’s seen of r’hllor himself but not becoming a total fanatic or anything. i doubt we’ll see sandor (or even thoros or beric) burning any innocent children alive like melisandre and stannis did.

i’m just really happy that now it’s completely obvious to the viewer that sandor isn’t the same man he was before. he’s still our “grumpy old bear” sandor, but he’s slowly allowing himself to become softer and more vulnerable - a better man. and i think teaming up with the brotherhood, regardless of the lord of light stuff, and having a clear, noble goal will be really good for him. i’m excited to see where season 7 takes his character! (so long as they don’t kill him off, i would cry for 100 years)