Holy shit Olivia Tremor Control teamed up with some Japanese lady who sounds like Yoko Ono on sedatives and made an EP that I’ve never heard before. I am in love. 

earhole party
volume 5
sept/oct 2012
by thedreamcomparison

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1.The Sunshine Fix - That Ole Sun (from Age Of The Sun, 2001)
2.Luna - 23 Minutes In Brussels (from Penthouse, 1995)
3.Daughn Gibson - A Young Girl’s World (from All Hell, 2012)
4.Jens Lekman - I Know What Love Isn’t (from I Know What Love Isn’t, 2012)
5.Ben Folds Five - Do It Anyway (from The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind, 2012)
6.Manitoba - Kid You’ll Move Mountains (from Up In Flames, 2003)
7.This Frontier Needs Heroes - 2012 (from 2012, 2012)
8.Meursault - Lament For A Teenage Millionaire (from Something For The Weakened, 2012)
9.Ride - Beneath (from Nowhere, 1990)
10.Acid House Kings - 7 Days (from Sing Along With Acid House Kings)
11.The Appleseed Cast - On Reflection (from Low Level Owl Volume One, 2001)
12.Mount Eerie - House Shape (from Clear Moon, 2012)
13.Neu - Neuschnee 78 (from Neu! 2, 1973)
14.Bablicon - Francis Locrius (from In A Different City, 1999)
15.Shearwater - Dread Sovereign (from Animal Joy, 2012)
16.The Flaming Lips - Five Stop Mother Superior Rain (from In A Priest Driven Ambulance, 1990)
17.The Antlers - Zelda (from Undersea, 2012)
18.Kishi Bashi - Unicorns Die When You Leave (from Room For Dream, 2012)

CLICK HERE to download!