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We accidentally conditioned my roommate's dog Rodeo. He went through a bad bout of fleas, and while we were trying to help him through it (and lots of baths and medicine) we would see him use his paws in a swipe motion to itch his head. So we would softly rub his head to relieve some discomfort. The fleas are gone, but he lets us know he wants pets by rubbing his own head and looking at us like "well come on. Get to it." So now we just oblige since he's just so darn cute.

You’re pretty much required to get video of this and submit it with the story again, you realize that right?


You know that thing people were doing on Facebook a while back where you’re supposed to describe yourself using a combination of three fictional characters? I decided to give it a try with some of my Vampire: the Masquerade OCs. And it is way harder than it sounds. I drew a lot of blanks trying to come up with these, honestly.

I really should openly talk about my OCs more.

Muse's PA

“I feel much better, now. Sorry if I worried you with my break down. Truthfully, I’m not completely okay yet, but I’ll pull through.”

“I’ll be going back to regular activity, now. Thank you for your support and patience”

He pulls out a note:

“Thank you for this too, I’m sorry I was too out of it to read it before. But thank you. I understand, now. I truly do”

He looks around.

“And wow, I didn’t realize so many of you arrived here and waited for me to be better, I’m sorry I didn’t say hi before” He gives a sheepish smile. “I don’t suppose you’ll let me say anything about it being dangerous to follow me, right…?”


New followers, HI <3










k, so, i create a new game file on Final Fantasy X about once every three months or so, just cause i love playing it over and over again… well, on my current game, i’m just starting to plumb into the Omega Ruins for levels. first encounter? a Great Malboro ambushes me. I swap Auron out for Rikku and try to bribe it to go away, but that fails. and he hits me with Bad Breath. Tidus, Rikku and Yuna all get poisoned, dark-ed and confused. and I sit there and watch as they try to mangle each other and slowly die from the poison. the worst part was when the Malboro hit Yuna, knocking her out of confusion, only to watch Tidus jump over and cut her down before he fell prey to the poison. my only hope left was Rikku… who, to my utter shock and dismay, succeeds in hitting herself. with a weapon that has “stonestrike” as one of its abilities. as i watched the GAME OVER sign float on-screen over the bodies of a summoner and her guardian wrapped around their petrified friend, the only thought going my head was,


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I really hoped it was good…I kinda liked Paranormal Activity (KINDA) and I actually loved Sinister, since I liked the actor in it… :/

i liked the first Paranormal Activity a lot and i liked Sinister too but The Purge is just mind-numbingly stupid none of it makes any fukkin sense i mean theres suspension of disbelief and then theres just are you fukkin kiddin me

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Whats your opinion? Just asking, because I played the demo and actually enjoyed it, and am curious. ^^;;

My opinion of DmC is the same as my opinion of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

In other words, it’s not a perfect game, nor is it the game you’re looking for if you want something EXACTLY like the games that came before it, but if you take off your jade-tinted glasses as look at the game on its own merits, it stands up just fine.

Like, I’ll be honest, the story is not fitting for something in the Devil May Cry franchise. It’s not an AWFUL story, just not one fit for the series. If it helps, think of it this way: if Devil May Cry 1-4 is the canon storyline, then DmC is like AU fanfiction.

The combat (the most important part of any game in the series) is real nice. Fast and fluid, with the easiest weapon transitions and comboability yet. I wish the game had a Bloody Place mode, though. (Or maybe it does and I just haven’t unlocked it yet, not sure.)

Anyway, all in all, I enjoy the game, and though the haters may have SOME points in their arguments, I think they need to quit acting like this game is the next Daikatana.

So, I was sitting on my bed practicing tarot as I do when sleep deprived and trying to pass the time. And as I practiced, I happened upon a realization. Noah would secretly be interested in Tarot. On the surface he would dismiss it as, “Tools that really only help to create self-fulfilling prophecies.” He would act skeptical about the idea that cards could do anything to indicate the possible future or possible choices the future holds. He would make it known that it is, more likely than not, just a bunch of hooey.

But, on the inside, he’d tell himself that since he IS a Werewolf after all, and that he can do some rather odd things to begin with, and was born different from the rest of his family (in more ways than one), that the idea that a set of cards could be mystical is not that far off from the norm he’s acclimated to. He probably even go so far as to take a small day to himself from the rest of the pack and go into town and pick up a set, or at least head to a location that provides internet service so as to order himself a set. He’d find a hiding spot he feels is good and secluded where no one would find him to practice and learn how it works, practicing so much that after 2-3 months, he could probably make money off of it if he tried. He’d maintain the facade of skepticism to anyone who happened to ask him about it, but after a while he’d probably get caught by one of his packmates, or quite possibly Rain.

He’d tell White-Moon, however, since he’s formed a special bond with him and he knows that as the only family member he’s got who truly understands how Noah feels in these troubling times, he can go to White-Moon whenever he needs to. He knows that he can divulge any secret he wants to him, and he won’t discount his idea or belittle it in any way, and instead, give him the sage advice he often gives to Noah, which coincidentally, Noah always craves. Hell, he’d probably be eager to tell WM, eager enough to offer him a reading. I get the feeling WM would decline though, probably due to his own personal feelings on Tarot itself.

Just figured I’d share my thoughts. Also, for some reason, practicing Tarot is helping me work out some kinks in my writer’s block. Maybe if I practice extensively, I can come up with an idea that will lift this awful curse. Worth a shot, anyhow.


These styles are so pretty!!  *O*  I want WIP Wednesday to become an every week kind of thing so everyone can share and get ideas from each other!  Plus this’ll help us all stay motivated to keep drawing  d(ovo)  great job guys!!